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by juggelo
Mon Jun 08, 2020 21:50 pm
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Topic: ICECON 2020
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Seasons Greetings! Soon. "The Coronation". The return to Valklampi, Nuuksio. The summoning spell has been cast, and the bell has been rung. Our coven of Humans and Dius will convene again in the deeps of the verdant and lush Nuuksio national park. This year marks our return to the primordial locatio...
by juggelo
Sat Feb 16, 2019 17:57 pm
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Topic: ICECON 2019
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(18.7.2019) ... AAAND SCRAP THE PREVIOUS PLANS! TLDR; NEW PLACE FOR CON: TIME: 26-28.7.2019 PLACE: Aurora Nuuksio -- Kattilantie 426 VIHTI. ... Alas, due to an unfortunate Force Majeure, we are changing the location of our upcoming convention. Our location was supposed to be in a place called 'Valk...
by juggelo
Mon May 14, 2018 14:26 pm
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Topic: ICECON 2018
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HEAR YE! HEAR YE! Convention time again! TL;DR. CONVENTION AT VALKLAMPI NUUKSIO 27-29.7.2018. Be there or be []. The magnificently capable, strikingly handsome and humble convention overlords have spent trifle effort at calculating the movements of countless celestial objects and casually figured ou...
by juggelo
Thu Jun 08, 2017 16:58 pm
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Topic: ICECON 2017
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AHOY AHOY! It is time. Convention time. Place: Valklampi in Nuuksio Finland. Time: 28-30.7.2017 So, again Icesussians convene in merry spirits in a spacious cabin (230m²) in the most wonderful Nuuksio national park. The cabin has all necessary amenities, and places to crash for about twenty peopl...
by juggelo
Mon Aug 01, 2016 18:12 pm
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Topic: IceCon 2016
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On board, ahoy!