(experimental?) Mage patch of 2016

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(experimental?) Mage patch of 2016

Post by sowilo » Mon Apr 11, 2016 07:09 am

Short version: Basically, stuff changed.

Long version:
Mage swarms are now penalized. Rite of replication / mirror swarms are penalized even more.
This penalty can be mitigated by having spellcraft eqstat. The penalty scales with how many projectiles
you let loose. It is possible to go over a sweet spot and end up having less total damage than with fewer
projectiles, although getting there is unlikely to happen! Also, Increased the randomness of warmage charms.

Spell_dam effect for arrow/missile/bolt/ball were tuned, and they are also tier dependant now. Basically,
t1 damagetypes get less +damage than t3 damagetypes. (steam < flame < fire etc)

Spell_dam vs prestigious monsters also got tweaked. The part where your highest spell_dam type is chosen to help
your spell is now changed. There is a penalty associated with it when it happens now. For example, if you have
a huge fire spell_dam, moderate acid spell_dam and no cold spell_dam, the acid portion might actually be higher
for your acid spells than your fire damage portion after the penalty is applied. And if you shoot cold balls,
it will probably use the fire spell_dam score since it is the highest one etc. Dominion eqstat reduces the
penalty of this spell_dam conversion.

Secret effects took a total overhaul. There's a distinction between 'damage' effects and 'crowd-control' effects,
as well as what types are good vs single targets and what are good vs multiple foes at the same time. This distinction
only matters for the secret effects at this time. There are multiple tiers to these secret effects. Higher mastery%
and dominion eqstat help. Elemental infusion scores also empower the effects.
Higher tier of damage type component may influence the bonus damages dealt by the secret effects if any.

Added a fifth mage crit tier. It is difficult to get, but dominion eqstat now affects mage crits, so there's that.

Fixed a brainfart in lingering formula. Swapped the effect multiplier of storm/rain and bolt/missile for them.


In case of any odd behaviour, including spell heart beat errors, please be in contact.
The changes might not be final. Let's take a look at how stuff looks after the fallout,
so put away your torches and pitchforks for now, ok? :)

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