(experimental?) Sorcerer patch 2016

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(experimental?) Sorcerer patch 2016

Post by sowilo » Sun Apr 24, 2016 04:30 am

Sorcerer patch 2016:

Rejoice or despair! Sorcerers now support the new eqstats Dominion and Spellcraft.
The inner workings of their abilties also got some tweaks.

Seize the day formula got changed. Also bugfixed. And typofixed.
Also, downtuned a fair bit (because those bugfixes and typofixes actually gave it way too much power!)
and some degree of randomness is now involved in its damage, giving hopefully
a wider variety of hit messages from the bastardoes. The bonus damage from soul's sacrifice to seize crits
is also subject to some randomness, with the average damage staying the same as before.

Charisma is now the main stat for seize the day damage. Strength is a good second, and wisdom is the tertiary.
Dominion and spellcraft help seize the day. Dominion influences it by giving it a small chance of procuring
something extra when a bastardo strikes. Spellcraft makes it so that once the portals open, you may pull in extra
bastardoes, giving the normally slow-to-start spell an explosive start. Spellcraft also has a tiny impact on how
powerful bastardos you attract. The spellcraft effect for explosive starts is very experimental and if it makes rates
shoot through the roof it will probably have to be taken behind the sauna where it will be unceremoniously put
down like the old Rover.

Benevolent commands got the magic touch treatment as well. Their stat efficacy order (as in, what gives it the
most bang for your buck) is now: Wisdom, Strength, Charisma. Which is probably nice, since they have some
upkeep to consider and out of those three stats wisdom just happens to also improve spmax! How wonderful! A
rumour has it that twister has something cool in its functionality now. If it seems too op, it will get some
additional tweaks. As for Dominion and Spellcraft. Spellcraft lessens the penalty of using benevolent commands indoors.
Having 50 spellcraft completely negates that, making indoor fighting just as feasible as outdoors fighting. Spellcraft also
influences the crit tiers slightly. Dominion gives it a similar additional effect as seize gets, but it also increases crit
chance a tiny bit.

As for malevolent commands, they also got some spit and polish. Their stat efficacy order is now:
Strength, Wisdom, Charisma. Bloodlust and soulreaver are now more savage when they get to land hits on monsters
who have impairing status effects, such as stun, making them combo nicely with reversed vortex! If the extra damage
versus impaired opponents seems to be too high, it will also get some balancing. As for Dominion and spellcraft...
Spellcraft is said to improve the frequency of hits the malevolent spirits make, in the form of making them act faster and faster
more often. Spellcraft also influences its crit tiers slightly. Dominion gives it a special proc similar to seize the
day's own, and affects crit chance a tiny bit.

Spellcraft and dominion also influence energy vortex and its modes somewhat, with spellcraft having the higher (main)
effect of the two.

Also, adjusted the special racial synergy of trolls when it comes to receiving rejuvenation from regenerative vortices.
It procs more often now, but does not have as much extra power, which should make it somewhat more reliable.

Finally, adjusted charms that are related to sorcerer abilities. Tormentor charms are now more powerful, and also
influence torment of marrow, should you have it. (They had ~zero effect before, now they actually might just do something)

And charms that gave +damage to benevolent/malevolent commands and/or seize the day had their effect balanced.
Instead of giving ~15 damage per charm per hit that they used to, they now increase damage by 1% per charm.

That should be all for now that I can think of. I might have forgotten some parts, maybe, but I hope I haven't!

Oh, and if anything seems weird or outright buggy (you get errors, or something is way too good to be reasonable,
windstorm/tempest/wail is behaving oddly, party seizing goes haywire etc), please inform me about it. I'd rather
get 100 tells about the same thing being broken than zero tells about something being broken due to an assumption
that someone else must have mentioned it to me already.

If something is broken and thus very exploitable, please don't exploit it. Should go without saying, but I'll say it just
to be on the sure side. :P

Finally, nothing is set in stone. I, or some other wizardly being, might choose to roll the code back for some reason,
thus nullifying some parts or everything this tune brought about.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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