Yet another sorc patch

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Yet another sorc patch

Post by sowilo » Thu Jul 07, 2016 19:31 pm

Yay, yet another sorc patch. Great.

- Added a bunch of new bastardoes for seize the day. This coincidentally might lead to increased seize damage, as you no longer
need as much oomph to reach the next bastardo type. Also, since the spellpoint drain is directly related to the bastardo's type,
your spellpoint drain per round might have increased as well. Basically, I added 'halfway' points to the powerscale, and divided
each slot into two, effectively doubling the amount of different kinds of bastardoes the spell can summon. And then I added one
uber badass to the end of it, but weighed the power requirement for it to be unlikely to be reached...

To clarify: If you previously pulled in lots of spirits and no elementals with your seize the day, it is entirely possible that
after this patch, you'll be attracting just as many shadows as you are attracting spirits, but still no elementals. But with this
patch, shadows are a new bastardo and they are situated between spirits and elementals, so in this scenario of 'only spirits'
changing into 'spirits and shadows', the caster will do slightly increased dps from before, but the drain will also be higher.

What the powerscale used to be like:
imp - spirit - elemental - beast - behemoth - demon

And how it looks now:
??? - imp - spirit - shadow - elemental - ??? - beast - ??? - behemoth - ??? - demon - ??? - ???

Interestingly, the base damage / drain per hit ratio gets more efficient the more powerful the base creature is, so bigger is
better by default, but if you have high skills / stats / spell_damage, then it might be possible that a lower tier bastardo with
lower drain per hit will be more cost efficient for you.

- Tweaked the formula which calculated how powerful bastardoes comes from your portals: Generally minimal gains from STR and WoC,
with the gains from STR-part being a tall bell curve, and WoC being a linear gain.
- Doubled spell_dam multiplier for soulreaver, bloodlust and twister. (dual-portion commands were gaining twice the bonus,
once and at full for each half of their damage)

These tunes are not final. We'll just see how things go and tune them when and where necessary.

improved mastery gain rate for twister and soulreaver
lowered mastery gain rate for windstorm and wail

edit part 2:
Halved strength's direct effect to damage in seize the day. As a result, the direct damage related effects from stats are now
in this order: charisma, wisdom, strength. Of course, it is good to remember that strength now helps with attracting more
powerful bastardoes with the spell, and more powerful bastardoes have higher base damage, so you can still think of it as having
a fairly decent effect on seize damage. Just, indirectly.

Spellcraft eqstat sometimes helps when bastardoes attempt to break free from control on their own. But not when the sorc/sorcs
are stunned/unconscious/mindless/frozen, or when there are non-warded players present and targeted by the spell.

Lowered effectiveness of pierce xxx ward / energy paradigms skills on attracting more powerful bastardoes. Gave that 'lost' portion to
the skill 'mastery of command'

Gave partyseize a very tiny bonus on attracting more powerful bastardoes. This bonus scales with the number of additional
assisting sorcerers.

edit part 3:

Changed the way spellcraft eqstat helps pulling bastardoes from the seize portals to be more supportive of partyseize.

Changed the way manasurge works in combined seize. Now each participant rolls for it separately, with personal chance becoming
lower the more sorcerers are participating (but the overall chance should be the same as with solo seize). The heals it provides
are now shared between all the participants. Made absorb energy skill affect manasurge power, instead of there being initial
starting values of N points.

Added support for new tier1 benevolent commands:
Sandstorm (physical and asphyxiation)
Manastorm (magical and poison)
Firestorm (fire and asphyxiation)
Witherstorm (acid and poison)
Thunderstorm (sonic and lightning)

I added them to the benevolent subguild, but if you don't want to reinc to get them, I can try to manually set you their values.

They are more or less the same as windstorm is, just having different damage types and flavour messages.
They do, however, have different magical weather affinities (stuff related to moon positions), but the
damage should be more or less the same (subject to monster resistances and ac calculation), with sandstorm
probably being the 'worst' of the lot, due to physical damage being easier to withstand (contact reflexes).

I might see at some point if I should tweak them further to be somewhat different from each other, but the
time for that is not now.


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