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Coven update

Post by sowilo » Sun Mar 05, 2017 18:37 pm

Gave tweaking and suffeli, including some spellcraft/dominion related stuff to

Fixed a brainfart in allure with some numbers. You'll probably not see it affecting anything.
Fixed a typo in creeping vines (it now checks for strength instead of strenght) for the part where it checks if you can break free of them, so maybe Neralath is now slightly easier?
Maneater plant now also replenishes psp when it consumes a corpse.
EDIT: Maneater plant now also stays alive after the caster leaves the room, making it possible to use it as a corpse caretaker again. Also, changed how much the growth regresses when it consumes corpses, basically making it so that it won't regress too far back when it feasts on a lot of corpses at one go. Also, the plant won't attack creatures outside its room.
Made silent scream unable to racecrit if it had already rolled a crit.

Added a new charm spell 'heroism', you'll be able to study it in the mastery guild provided that you can join the sub in question. Those who are already members and do not wish to reinc to get it may ask me to give it to them instead.
Heroism does stuff: It gives some benefits and some penalties. I might be tweaking it in the future, maybe preventing it from stacking with some other buff... maybe.
EDIT: Heroism also gives avoid death chance, the power of which scales with the spell's power (read: crits are useful)

Effects of spellcraft:
It synergizes with arc annihilation in order to make spells cheaper to cast (for main guild covens, obviously).
Withering upkeep is reduced by spellcraft.
Coven spells with hidden pspcost cost less psps (scales with spellcraft stat)
Coven spells with lowered effect when out of enough psps now get penalized less (scales with spellcraft stat)
It boosts the rejuvenation effects gained from maneater plant consuming corpses.

Effects of dominion:
Non-critting coven spells now have a chance for a tiny (x2) crit-like effect that is derived from the dominion stat.
To clarify: This effect counts as a crit when it comes to silent scream checking for racecrit.
Power of coven spells is now increased with dominion stat.
Hatred stuff is affected by dominion as well.
Spells with a chance of causing extra crowd-control-like effects have the effect boosted with dominion.
Gives a slight boost to draining power of entropic/necrotic fields.

DISCLAIMER: stuff may (still) change

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