Old Lucky Flanagan retires from banking business

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Old Lucky Flanagan retires from banking business

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Old Lucky Flanagan has finally decided to retire from the
banking business after deeming the situation stable enough
to allow for the next generation to take over. All employees
of the Bank of Aegic remember him as a kind and wise
grandfatherly figure, whose daily input into the banking
affairs will be missed. The employees wish him happy
retirement days. Flanagan had an illustrious career as the
founder of the bank of Aegic. The moneylender who unified
the moneylenders and made them into something so much
more. When asked what he will spend his days doing now
that he no longer needs to work he just smirked. A rumour
has it that he'll be moving somewhere close to his old fishing
pal Astug to spend his twilight years.

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2018! Added this a few days early
because let's face it, communal St. Patrick's day events fail
because pretty much everyone is totally wasted around that

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