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Suggestion Guide for post newbie pre mid level

Post by riff » Tue Aug 02, 2011 19:54 pm

While I know Icesus is Isecus, and we like to keep things nice and semi-secret around here I have a suggestion and/or request. See we have a help_newbie_areas and that's a great help to newbies, but what happens next.... Look around, explore, die repeatedly. I don't have a big issue with this play method, except it's getting harder and harder to find players who have stuck with the game long enough to hit the 20's that aren't well intothe 50's-60's plus.

It seems the choice is solo the few areas you know or get a higher player to half drag you around for what might be good exp, or might suck because you get such small party shares. Maybe we could have a semi-newbie guide. A small list of suggested areas or monsters that are good to kill at smaller levels. Note I'm not suggesting go "n,w,s,w kill monster" style info here, more like invaded mines are good for XX levels if you can take a good hit and XY levels if you are squishy.

Just a suggestion. I can keep going, but I'd like to see more people make highbie too. ;)

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Post by goderic » Wed Aug 03, 2011 12:40 pm

I see what you're saying... but the thing is many (most?) areas hava a wide variety of critters in them. You mention the invaded mines, and that's as good an example as any. There are mobs that are less than 4k exp, and others well over 100k. It's not so much the area, it's knowing exactly what you can handle. Luckily, the 'consider' skill is usable by all without training, and it will almost certainly save your life, especially as you venture into the unknown. We've all been there! There ARE many mobs that are just your size out there, and if you can get parties (either following or leading), well, so much the better!

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Post by solar » Wed Aug 03, 2011 17:56 pm

Partying is the easier path.

If you end up with a bad leader, well... too bad?

If you end up leading yourself, well... if you're not entirely sure what your party can handle, ask if someone else knows or if they are willing to take over?

If you end up with a leader who knows his/her stuff, keep hitting 'look' in the outworld when changing areas so you have a rough idea of where you are going, and using 'creator room' anywhere gives you a vague idea of what area you are in, so you can make sure you are able to confirm finding them yourself after the party is over.

Exploration, while possibly an easy way to die, is ultimately the best tool you have at your disposal for making sure that once you reach level N, you won't have a shortage of exping areas or money grinding locations.

Note: using consider gives a rough estimation at the very best. Different guilds and different builds can have easier/harder time killing the monster in question.
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Post by riff » Sat Aug 06, 2011 23:21 pm

solar wrote:Partying is the easier path.

Note: using consider gives a rough estimation at the very best. Different guilds and different builds can have easier/harder time killing the monster in question.
Partying just isn't pratical, in the long term. The level disparity means to get decent exp while partying the mobs are going t be well beyond what even a party of all lowbies/midbies could nome back to. And finding people willing to basically drag a lowbie dead weight so only so possible. To me it seems that partying is really only useful among people of appropriate level, and right now there are maybe 5 other users in my range.

Consider is a LIE!! Not really, but for a glass cannon Mage it can reply vary as to what I can kill vs what cons killable... If that makes sense.

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Post by khade » Tue Aug 16, 2011 04:20 am

A level 10 army guy with decent eq can take a surprising amount of damage, a level 10 mage can supplement a parties damage with little change to the exp distribution, generally gives the mage good exp too, a level 10 air priest can keep the party in battle longer and speed up regens, all without hurting the party and for a net gain to the low level player, assuming the party leader knows what they are doing, with judicious use of party placement, a low level offie can be used effectively and allowed to recover without slowing the party, but that requires very high skill in leading parties effectively.

Consider is not a lie, you just need to know how to interpret what it shows, for a fighter, armour class, health and basic size are most important, for mages, resistances are most important, though I'm not sure exactly how much consider is needed to view those. Oh, at low levels, mages still need to know basic size, once you have the spells to effectively do the hit-and-run mage solo combat style thing, you can pretty much ignore it.

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Post by bryant » Wed Jun 27, 2012 12:08 pm

low level air priests are pretty much useless, if they ever don't fumble they most certainly don't heal more than a % and they can't buff and their attacks are worth less than putting them in the front row to take a round or two of melee on whatever their best battle -a defense is.

having the caster reinc to a low level mage would yield more benefit to the group, or an army/monk/ranger of a large race and reasonable gear.

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