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Icesus - Perhaps the best game in the world

Your life isnt complete before icesus
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Thanks for all the suggestions. We might as well go with the current one but it's been around for a while so a little change and competition never hurts :)

Good job so far. Keep 'em coming!
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Sorrywood Sulk Slogan

Post by solar »

Haa! Now why didn't I think of this before!

"Icesus - Now with a new slogan!"

And a few extra ones, they may not be good but there's a lot of them!

"That which does not kill you makes you stronger in Icesus"
"Icesus - need we say more?"
"Icesus: It evolved/came from the MUD"
"Icesus is not perfect without you!"
"Icesus. Where by staying awhile you stay forever."


Hmm, if this is going to be used in an advertisement banner &c, could it not animate slowly and smoothly, melding from one slogan to another?
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Post by midrien »

Keep the current slogan at the top of the banner, and write some sort of flavorful description/tagline below it pertaining to our more "Unique" classes to drag people in.

You can submit more than one version of the banner to rotate between right? Like have one for Wilder, one for Shadowdancer, one for Water Priest or Coven etc.

I don't know how fancy these things can get, but if you can have an interactive banner put an arrow you can click on and switch between the classes/"themes" on the banner itself.
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Post by breg »

"Icesus - A commitment to excellence"
"Inhabit Aegic - play Icesus!"
"Icesus - can you dig it?"

one more, inspired by a certain song..

Icesus - Exp for nothin' and chicks will flee!
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Post by khade »

How about this one?

"Icesus - Where global warming is just wistful thinking."
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Can unique ideas/creativity survive in an arctic climate? Come find out for yourself at Icesus MUD.
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"See that pile of steaming pile of meat,gut and blood? That was Bob. Bob just me a manticore on his way from death temple to southcross camp."
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Icesus - The MUD You Can See Russia From
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This will surely draw a crowd:
Icesus. Boobs mentioned.
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There will be Ice
Gone with the Ice
No country for Cold men
Singin' in the Snow
Some like it Cold
2009: An Ice Odyssey
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Icesus - Destroyer of Reality
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Post by xerene »

Soooo..... Like when is the judging of these slogans gonna happen? I wanna know who the winner is! :wink:
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