Changelings Mastery

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Changelings Mastery

Post by osma » Mon Jun 08, 2009 08:57 am

Changeling (shifter sub) is a useful sub that allows a person to use shapeshifting to regenerate health faster and change into new forms, and the guild also gives skills that are basic useful skills for anyone who isnt a ranger (rangers already have them) such as cold tolerance, and animal lore.

One major problem is that since the guild does not work very much like shifters, it has no access to any masteries. This idea pertains to giving them at least one useful one:

Flowing Flesh: Changelings, people who are born with the ability to alter their forms at will, learn to use their skills to quickly close wounds and knit flesh. This mastery shows the changelings skill in healing their own bodies, allowing them to heal even faster then before.

Basicly the mastery is very similuar to Epriest vic mastery. You can use vic and heal someone, but the mastery makes it more effective. A changeling can heal themselves with regenerate (from shapeshifting skill), and this mastery will give them more health then normal, eventualy giving them double or triple the healing that someone else with same skill but no mastery would get.

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Post by yoz » Mon Jun 08, 2009 17:59 pm

I recommend you stop posting ideas for real...

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