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New shards

Post by osma »

Three ideas of shards which I believe would be useful to the game.

A) Shard of Light/Darkness - common
This would add the "gives more light" or "gives more darkness" modification to a weapon or armor. Add it to a small ring and you have an instant perma-torch. Would be very common and low value, but useful.

B) Shard of Swiftness/Lightness - uncommon
This shard, when added to a weapon, would reduce it's weight, and/or give the weapon the tags "somewhat faster then usual" and "easier to hit with then usual". It might also be added to armor to make the armor less bulky/heavy, but it would probably be fairly useless unless used on heavy armor.

C) Shard of Quality - rare
There are two ways i could see this shard being used. The first would be the typical inferior - marvelous types of shards, all of which would be rare, and would grant weapons/armor the ability "this item is of greater quality then usual." The effect would quite obviously be that the item would have a better quality then usual, probably one adjective per level of the shard. This would possibly be very useful on high end weapons (titanium, crystal, mithril, iceron, ect) and/or high end armours (fs studded chit silk, dragonscales, titanium armours, ect). The higher quality would make them even more protective, or have even greater accuracy/damage.

The other way this could be implemented would be to add them in as only inferior or (very rarely) minor shards of quality. These would only add a small amount of overall quality... but it would go into the base of the item, rather then be a enchantment. A armor that is already major quality would become superb quality... WITHOUT taking up a "slot". In other words, if you had 3 inferior shards of quality, you could imbue an armor with all three, then put on your stat shard and/or skill shard. The armor would still have the enchantments from the other shards, but it would have 3 higher adjectives of quality as well.
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Post by dracu »

I actually like the idea of having a shard that would reduce weight, but dunno what it would use ie. skill slot or stat slot or whatever, speed shards already gives that "hits x faster than usual".

Atleast at some point there was darkness / light shards if i remember right, haven't seen them around so i'm not sure of that.

As for quality shards..they sound quite ominous, so i'm not sure if they'd be fitting. Would probably be way too good on weapons / armours even if it was just one adjective it would give, besides +prot shards cover the protection part pretty much, like +damage shards on weapons.
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Post by khade »

There also is the accuracy shards, which make a weapon more likely to hit.

I can see the quality shards coming into use, but I would put a severe limit on how much an item can be enhanced in that manner, if I were in charge of it.

Oh, another thing is that the light or dark shards shouldn't be too common, I would think that they should be about as common as an alchemist causing an item to permanently glow or absorb light, and that is pretty low and costs df for each attempt.

So, I would probably have the light or dark shards be uncommon at best.
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Shard of nullification

Post by solar »

Maybe a shard that completely removes all magical properties from an item would be cool. Might be useful on stuff with decent base prot and quality, nonstandard slot usage / not so high stats, like ratling bracer. The nullified eq could then be (re-)enchanted with shards/orb, possibly making it better than the original piece.
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