Small tailoring tweak

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Small tailoring tweak

Post by cezar » Fri Dec 25, 2009 15:53 pm

Not a huge idea by any means. As it stands right now tailoring skill does not exactly replicate all the options you have at the seamstress. Resizing at the smithy or tailoring defaults to making eqs optimal to your race size. Smithy, however, also has an option to resize <to min>, making smallest eq wearable. A very useful feature for those secondary regen sets occupying your inventory space. I see no reason why tailoring can't have that option, and it shouldn't be too hard to get it done either, simple cut'n'paste hack job from the smithy code to tailoring. And while at it, perhaps allow resizing to min for other races as well, not just yourself.

And another small suggestion while I'm at it. For the longest time we had the option of customizing items' shorts description by adding name to it. Personally I use it (among with many others) as a reminder what stats the item has, and a 10-letter limit served just fine to that purpose. But now, with the addition of shards to the game, eqs got plently more customizable and the old and senile among us begin forgetting what is what (No insult intended, speaking strictly for myself). Perhaps some nice wiz could code a 'label' command to compliment 'name'. Unlike name, label would show up at the end of the items long description, and have much more freedom for notetaking than the usual 10 letters.

Nothing earth-shattering here, just two small ideas to make playing experience more comfortable.

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Post by osma » Thu Jan 07, 2010 06:47 am

iirc, you can use tailor at clothes for mold_man in order to make them as small as possible. As i said, if i remember what i did correctly (did this a long time ago) i resized a number of cloaks with permdark down to mold man size so that they would take up very little space and still provide darkness. Since i almost never use the seemstress, i assume that i did this with tailoring.

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