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New Rune Idea

Post by khade » Tue Jun 29, 2010 13:09 pm

I had an idea for monks, a new rune called Lightfoot.

What it does is lowers the travel costs and allows the monk to walk on water. I am currently working under the assumption that there is a scale of difficulty in terrain, specifically on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being easiest and 10 being hardest, a road is a 0, a meadow is a 1 and large hills are a 10. So with the rune, non leveled, each area is assumed to be 1 level easier to walk through, though it can't go easier then a 1, at each level, the travel is 1 easier, at level 3 nothing can be more difficult for the monk then 5, when it is maxed, everything is as draining as a meadow, even the most difficult hill or swamp.

I suppose this rune could also make it easier to flee somewhat, but other then that, I don't think it should have any use in combat. For the monk secondary, I'd probably have it just cut the travel cost for any non road non meadow in half or by a fourth or something.

The source of the name is Lightfoot Kung-fu, which is a style used in fiction that allows a martial artist to stand on, walk on, or jump off of anything, even a leaf falling from a tree, which allows them to travel very directly and extremely fast.

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