What is the developping wizards doing at the moment?

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What is the developping wizards doing at the moment?

Post by jabari » Thu Jul 22, 2010 06:24 am

What is brewing on the development side?

I've been gone for a long time and lately made my comeback. I've been mostly focusing on getting my act together (it's amazing how many things you can forget in 6 years).

But I'm bit curious in what is happening on icesus dev side. What are the developping wizards currently doing? What is the focus? New areas or new guilds or new places or new features?

From my point of view, there seems to be enough newbie/lowbie content. I don't have a clue about highbie content but I'm bit annoyed that Sriel is killing same orcs as I am :wink:

Guilds are pretty good but compared to past, the overall selection of the guilds is bit too much on the evil side.. where are the good guys of the world?!?

Cities are abundant, maybe even too abundant compared to player-base. So I'm sort of hoping that the future brings something that can lure back the old players and possibly also get some new people interested of the game.
-> For example the BatMUD launched their dedicated very cool game client which actually made wonders to the player-base.

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Post by solar » Thu Jul 22, 2010 08:47 am

The biggest issue at the moment is that of low number of active wizards, but even so things progress once in a while, like opening of fire_priests some time ago.

If people were to vote for Icesus more actively, we would attract new players, some of who might become the great coders of the future.

Dev-wizards are still around and sometimes even coding new areas, myself included. (We have/had an area creation contest 2010 whose contest time ended last month, but at least mine is still work in progress)

Some tunes also take place every now and then, but that is nothing major.

In the past few days the most notable achievement of the wizards is that of starting to handle bug and typo reports from the last five or so years, this I heard is thanks to Ginjeet's new report tracker. Great job!

Evil is cool, and the 'good' guilds slaughter the same innocent bystanders just the same. While some sort of 'faction war' event would be nice, I don't expect ever to see it happening 24/7.

As far as cities are concerned, only Vaerlon has enough areas and features around/in it to make it a popular hometown.
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Post by ginjeet » Fri Jul 23, 2010 08:42 am

The focus is heavily weighted towards new content. A handful of new areas have just reached the QC stage and should become available pretty soon. They are newbie/midbie targeted, high quality areas.

We're also working on the dev process itself to make it easier for those interested to make even more new content. There's been some welcome interest in dev lately, and we do take in new people so let me know if you want to develop Icesus!

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