teaching of elements:fire element version

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teaching of elements:fire element version

Post by kraven » Tue Sep 21, 2010 14:21 pm

if been testing teaching of elements sometime now as addition to fire priests,guild idea is extremely cool but the guild abilities are just silly.

examples: i got skill/spell 100%

Lore of elements skill doesnt really specify does it give more power to spells of the priest's main guild or not. if not it should. it seem to be very expensive skill just to empower aspect of the elements spell from its own guilds.

in fire elemental form you can be set on fire and take damage while burning - possible fix:you cannot be set on fire but you still take spell damage approriate of fire spells hitting on you.

fire elemental form has ability to deal damage when enemy hits you but it works very very rarely - possible fix:everytime fire damage activates it ignites the current monster hitting you on fire dealing damage on several turns and/or fire elemental form in general increases the fire priest spell damage.

Gift of elements spell: this one is bit silly as in it hastens spell casting speed of friendly target every now and then. BUT current casting system in general makes all casting very fast,almost instant for most classes so it gives very little meaning for this spell - possible fix: make it give offensive assigns instead of casting assign. so it could be used as melee tool for fire priests and classes that usually prefer fire (most melee). reason behind this change would be of the fire element and guilds prefering it to be agressive and and highly physical.

in general, this element variant of guild isnt much good for fire priests,and its for the fire priests only so its not much good for anyone. shame to see good guild going to waste. so hopefully some wizard even partially agrees with me and got time/motivation for tiny changes. thank you #-o

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Post by lipides » Tue Sep 21, 2010 14:32 pm

So you want to turn an optional subguild from a useful to superuuber melee slaughtering must-to-have subguild? no thanks.

but I do admit that fire gift should proc more often.

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Post by daerin » Fri Oct 01, 2010 09:05 am

I have not been a fire priest yet, but the fact of fire elemental taking damage from fire sounds silly to me. They should ignore fire damage, or perhaps even heal from it, like covens get a heal from poison damage.

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Post by khade » Sat Oct 02, 2010 02:32 am

I'm pretty sure coven still take poison damage, though they gain resistance, what they can get from it is some sp.

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