monk mastery guild idea

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monk mastery guild idea

Post by khade » Fri Aug 26, 2011 07:22 am

Recently several guilds have either gotten or are getting mastery subguilds, I have an idea for one for monks, it would be gotten instead of the order of ever-yielding willow and hand of gods subguilds.

the guild could be called Elemental Brotherhood or something like that, it would train the monk in both hand of gods and ever-yielding willow combat techniques, to their normal maxes, and give the monks access to one specific spell, Elemental Breath, maybe. This spell would be cheap to cast, quick, and cost gem charge equal to 4 motion of combat maneuvers and would have several effects, depending on what stance you are actively using: for leopard, eagle, and dragon, it would hit all enemies, leopard doing sizable damage(sonic), eagle doing a decent stun, and dragon would lower enemy defences for a decent amount of time. For tiger, crane, and snake, it would effect all party members, tiger giving a damage boost to the party, crane would give an evasive boost, and snake could maybe give an armor boost.

I imagine the spell would need a cooldown, but I'd like it to be powerful, as it's given in a mastery subguild.

Mastery requirements would be at least 30% in both absolute aegis and hand of gods, probably more.

If the mastery guild idea doesn't work, the spell could be taught 25% per elder in the circle of elders, and be considerably less powerful.

Feel free to tear my idea to shreds or give better suggestions on spell effects or other things that should be in a mastery subguild.

Oh, and yes the spell is pretty similar to the roars the shifters got, but I've been working on this idea for a long time, before I knew about that ability.

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