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NPC Partymember

Post by jabari » Thu Sep 20, 2012 06:56 am

I want more parties! :D

The current playerbase is so weighted toward inactivity that I'd like to propose a possibility to hire an NPC partyfriend from the local inn or adventurer guild.

One should get a friend for a day with percentage of the loot or with a fixed price or some other mechanism and then it would work independently in the party much like earth priests minion.

And there could be some kits like defensive fighter, offensive fighter, archer, mage, adept healer etc.. to compliment your own weakness and round out a team.

Also naturally using a partymate would take a share from party xp to balance things out.

I think the code is there already so it should be easy to modify a bit..

- Jabs

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Post by bryant » Sat Sep 29, 2012 22:10 pm

how to implement this without taking action away from the groups that do happen is the question.

Also you may have to take a second look at earth priest if you do this and give them a hand over the npc's so that the class is still viable.

Maybe limit the amount you can hire and giving it a reputation where if you lose so many adventurers to the black abyss no one else will go out with you for a while.

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