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Army offie

Post by bryant »

Army is a solid class and arguably the best at tanking. However there are few mid and highend offies because of how boring repeatedly striking is and the low dps (as compared to other classes).

A mechanic i was dreaming up was a weapon chain to be able to pull thrown weapons back to their hands immediately that they could also use to trip or choke their foes.

You would be able to get the basic skill for weapon chain->weapon return in the lower levels to give the army something to open with other than strike. Then a more advanced version in the first and third tiers of the army offie line. trip then choke respectively.

Any comments about this? I think it would be kinda fun to see army doing something other than strike strike strike strike :>


assuming thats to much maybe just giving them a melee -> basic weapons -> advanced weapons line that would remove their need to train bludegoning weapons/slashing weapons/piercing weapons and axes/swords/staves/hammers/flails ect separately so that the army man could be a master of a variety of weapons with much less exp needed. giving low and highend armies a wider choice of weapons.
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Post by solar »

Army mechanic is to be simple, offering a good beginning learn-the-game-mechanics guild for a new player. Chaining strike is up there in simple stuff.

I have had wet dreams of army actually having other maneuvers worth using in combat, though, but I don't feel like throwing chain would be one of them. Street moves like trips and chokes are already in the wilders, so I doubt army or any other guild besides wilders will get access to that niche.

Hunters _might_ be convincing users of harpoons, but similar stuff does not really fit into the guild theme in my opinion.
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Post by khade »

What about calling in an artillery strike or large magical attack from the city?
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Post by ity »

Vaerlon has outlawed offensive magic I do believe. Only the weakest of spells are "legal" in the kingdom.

I have always thought army should have skills like "trip" and "disarm"

"Trip" would simply be an add on to any kick that hits the legs..It would provide an instant strike maneuver (automatic or momentum)

"Disarm" would remove weapons from enemies hands, and/or perhaps be some sort of hit on an arm giving a negative to attack rolls for a duration.
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Post by khade »

Shifters used to have a disarm attack, apparently disarming enemies was rather buggy, at least for them. either that or it was overpowered, I think mobs would drop their weapons instead of putting them in their inventory like most players do(not rangers fumbling)
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Post by belannaer »

It's too buggy because it's really hard to do properly because of how the melee works. It might be possible to make the monster not be able to attack with certain weapon for a while though.
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