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Monk guild tweak

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General idea:
1) To make styles essential - choosing wrong style for a particular situation should give penalties (now players just lose some advantages)
2) To make changing styles in a single battle important - to change combat from "kill x; use MOC n times; loot corpses" to something with more options and _alternative_ strategies. Then learning what strategy is the best for a particular mob as a function of the party size (and your role) and choosing specialization direction - that could give very interesting mudding.
3) To increase cross-talk between the styles: The combat efficiency gained by one styles should be conserved when changing to another style (see "efficiency bar" introduced below). Also, passive bonuses from grandmasteries could be somewhat deeper.
4) To promote specialization - now grandmasteries are very expensive and the costs grow so fast that there is no point in specialization and it is better to have all grandmasteries at about the same level. Changing the costs formula to something like "next % costs previous %*0.2" and starting with a significant costs for the first % could do it.

What I propose:
Introduce "efficiency bar" which is visible for the player each round. Combat starts with 0 bar (unless masteries add smth). Player actions charge this bar based on the style chosen. The charge is conserved while changing styles. The bar loses the charge by a fixed amount each round and due to some style-related actions.
a) Different styles charge the bar through different actions and with different efficiency.
b) There could be styles which are better in charging the bar and styles better in using the charge.
c) There are 3 attack and 3 defence styles. Leopard, Eagle and Tiger (attack) and Dragon, Snake and Crane (defence).
Attack styles:
Leopard - the fast attack charger. I also propose to give its double MOC special to Tiger. Charge gained on each attack, bar charge adds to damage (melee and MOC). No defensive bonuses on charge at all. Charge loss increases the longer you stay in Leopard style in combat. Less effective after switching to it in mid combat (say has a special cooldown to regain full charge potential).
Tiger - damage maker. melee/MOC damage bonuses based on charge. Only low defensive bonuses from charge. MOCs and critical hits use charge (and spend it) for extra damage bonus. Charges through hits but less effective then leoprad. (if one uses many MOC - will have to change to a charger style soon)
Eagle - precision. Not much damage bonus but with bar charge gains critical hit and stun bonuses. Also keeps that microstun special on MOCs. Charges on melee hits but uses the charge on each stun/crit/microstun. Gains some defensive bonuses too (need one "intermediate" style).
Defensive styles:
Dragon - the fast defensive charger. Each dodge/parry/avoid charges the bar, but does not receive bar charge bonuses to attack at all. Have defensive bonuses scaling with the charge.
Snake - charges on dodges. Uses bar charge on slam specials which are (now) triggered by avoids. Receives significant defensive boost from the bar charge but also uses up the charge (on slams) quickly.
Crane - since its staff-centred style, bar charges on parries. Crane's free_MOC special (now triggered on dodges) should use the bar charge (damage depends on the bar a lot, but depletes the bar quickly). Receives medium defence and attack bonuses depending on the bar level, but spnds the charge fast on these MOC specials, forcing the player to switch to other styles.
Gransmasteries could keep the "special" chance as it is realised now (I only propose to give the double MOC special to Tiger from Leopard). Gransmastery of Leopard and Dragon would give a chance to charge the bar on melee(leopard) and dodge/parry/avoid (dragon) with a corresponding message to the player.
I propose to also give some passive bonus from each of these grandmasteries, something like that:
Leoprad: +speed
Tiger: +melee damage
Eagle: +hit roll
Dragon: +avoid
Snake: +dodge
Crane: +parry
That would promote branching for specialisation while keeping interest in having some grandmasteries in all styles.
It also would be very interesting to add some "Milestone" bonuses to gransmatseries (say at 25 50 and 100%) - it was so fun playing gaesati because of getting new animal every now and then, it looks fair to give similar fun/goals to the other guilds too :)
We need then a style-related mastery which would give some small bonus to starting charge in combat and improves the charge gain/decreases the charge drain.
The gem glow can regulate the maximum value of the bar charge, but that have to be discussed :)
I would also propose to change the rune charge rate effect from "runic enhancements" to "one with nothingness" - the second one regulate gem glow discharge, which can be related to rune charge. And give the "runic enhancements" the effect which people would guess from the name :) - increase effectiveness of runes.

Sorry it was long,
would be nice to have a discussion!
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