EP tunes possibly maybe?

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EP tunes possibly maybe?

Post by ezenya » Wed Jun 28, 2017 13:40 pm

well, lets just face it: EP could use some tuning.
remember, the following is with maxed (not minion-related) masteries.

yes, there was the tune with infusions for minions, which did somewhat work in a lesser degree, untill you nerfed dagger-related infusions or whatever that was. tho the minion's damage was rather shait, since that basically only affected melee-minions, which are practically just supposed to tank, and if you use anything else than deft/warding combat styles, they melt faster than lvl 20 melee ranger killing rats :P

now, anything minion-related is currently rather not-so-well-working, besides tanking, which atleast with Herald, is pretty amazing. And like Bela said, minions should be re-coded.

now the main problem I have with EP's, minions aside, is that once you max your masteries, you are done with the guild (take in consideration that all but Sarcomancy and PoU were really fast to max).
I tried sharding different skills, untill I found out that Earth rituals/spirit lore were just casting success-related. Then i sharded Necromancy. Which, apparently, slowed masterygain for Sarcomancy and Power over Undead to almost 0 (with 140-164% necromancy). I only noticed this after few years, when i sold all my stuffs, and "started over", because after that i actually saw those masteries rise, pretty fast for PoU, not so much for Sarco (but thats because my minion doesnt need viccing that much), but that also rose A LOT faster than it did during the time i had the necrosharded gear set. Only other possibility for that masteryslowdown, was either earth rituals/stats/resists, which i have none/less/none in gear now.

Also, while i only have a "perstuntuma" as a proof, i do believe that with the high necro % my minions were weaker, and it might have affected minion-related charms aswell, to give negative effects, since when i used them, i always felt minion died faster.

now to EP itself:
Im not saying that wis/nether spell do NOTHING to earth priests damage, but i am saying that only a wizard will see any difference in the damage (if they see actual numbers instead of messages), maybe there is a treshold of a sort, but i have seen no difference with having less than 80 wis, to 160-180 wis, having insignificant to moderate spell damage (note: since netherspells dont have infus, this can be only achieved with empower and such added to racialguild spelldam perks+what little we can get from gear).
Wis is good, since it gives spmax, but when I got to 6k+ sp, (at eq) i never had the time to regen it to max anyway, since i spend so much sp on buffing/ressing/etc, and by the time im done with that and everyone else are ready to go, im sitting at 60% sp if i chug pots every 5mins), and i burn that in 2minutes or less at bosses. but yes, spmax is still good.

Next thing: Haunt.
While the idea with haunt is great, and it works (mostly) well, there is no way in hell people can make exp with it. Reason being low damage and really fast casts. It takes me like 1000sp to kill one 100k monster. While i can do that fast, i still need to go regen really often, and even close to 300spr didnt help me that much (this is still chugging pots every 5min) when running with anyone, since when im out of sp, they are still 70%+ ep or sp.
Killing things like memory of a spirit or whatshisname, takes all sp i have to kill one, if i get crits (5k ish sp). merfolks, maybe 1.5 kills :p (and yes these are with tank)

Now, I had talks with Terces when he was around, about haunt, such as lowering castspeeds and increasing damagebonus it gives, which would help with the sp-problem, BUT, would not address the main problem:
There is nothing you can do/shard/get eqs, to add damage. Once you can max out ep skills in guild, and have some mastery, you can go and blast just like I could after years of gear-grind,sharding, learning the guild and trying out sec_ combos.
There is no difference if youre naked at bosses or not. (this is regarding DAMAGE, not survivability etc).
also, my mage_sec missiles did same or more damage than my earth coffins when i tried that for the lolz (no haunt).

Mastery effect on crits is only to the frequency, not increasing tiers. and with 100% mastery, my crit rate is around 3-4% iirc.
Biggest (and rarest) crit is SPASMS for earth coffin and Bane, I dont think ive gotten that with Touch, and for Soulburn i might get one primal SCREAM per week if i really use it on most mobs after they drop down to 10% hp.

so to recap all this whining and what i suggest:
Haunt need to give less castspeed for spells, and add more damage to them.
Give EP's SOMETHING to focus on to make the character better (maybe nether spell infusions, in addition to making spelldam actually do something, and maybe adding Earth Doctrine shards in the game and making that scale haunt/spells). (for EQ focused EP's)
Check/fix Necromancy skill over 100++%, and look at minioncode more closely to bring them up to date. (for minion-focused EP's)
Check charms if they do what they should, and if high necro breaks them.

While I understand the fact that EP has really good support skills, many will say it doesnt need any uptunes, I will say "why play EP if there isnt any way to make it grow/be better?"
and, those support skills.. they are of no use (beside Gift) when Im running exp.

last thing: I had 45infusions with my set after that infu+minion tune hit, so in that regard i do have some experience trying out that tune, and the nerf following it. Tho in hindsight, who knows if the necromancy did something to the infusion hits via minions aswell, but i doubt that.

Thanks for reading this, and sorry for whining!
(but Ice is down, so nothing else to do..)

edit: Yes, I am aware that Icesus has very limited resources and workforce atm, and things like this post stuff are not a priority.

edit 2: wanted to add that Haunt's effect (damagewise at eq) as A DEFAULT is OP atm (you dont need gear,only to manage sp (and EP vest) to do well (im sure masteries help, but since they dont add crit tiers for example, and the critrate is so low as default so they dont add to that much either (another "perstuntuma")), so IF there would be some Haunt tunes I would suggest you downtune the default a bit as well as adjust the castspeed/damage ratio, and add something (like the stuff i mentioned before, shards etc, scaling) to get back (AND over) to the point it currently is, there would be some point in playing&EQing with EP,other than that i've just become too accustomed to the playstyle to feel comfortable playing with other guilds :D Tho, keep in mind,if you dont add crit tiers, and downtune Haunt castspeed while increasing damage a little, it probably would work as a overall nerf instead of balancing, since atm the damage comes from überfast spamming of spells = thousand casts = you get some crits even with low rate, but less casts with slightly more damage and same crit rate = less total damage due to less chance of critting.

a small example for how many spells i cast: we did fire dragon some days ago 2man, killed it in.. was it 1hour 20mins with me doing 60%ish of the dmg (rest from tank), during which time i casted around 440 earth coffins and 150soulburns, maybe its just me since i havent done eq in other casterguild, but this seems to be.. just a bit more than, lets say, a mage or coven would be casting + they tend to crit/swarm etc.

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