Added new coven race effects

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Added new coven race effects

Post by sowilo » Sat Mar 17, 2018 02:24 am

I went and added special race affinities for each race with
one coven spell, previously those existed for:
Avan - weave dreams
Centaur - silent scream

Now the race-spell-pairs are as follows:

Antaeun - fleeting images
Avan - weave dreams
B'rogh - terror
Beholder - thornblast
Brownie - creeping vines
Cancun - offensive venom ward
Centaur - silent scream
Chitine - diet of wasps
Ciloss - delirium
Dark elf - entropic fields
Derro - break curse
Dwarf - woe
Elf - heroism
Firbolg - necrotic fields
Gnome - illusory doom
Halfling - allure
Human - magnetize
Leprechaun - defensive venom ward
Mold man - decay
Orc - zeal
Reed - grow maneater
Saerka - crow caw
Shadowperson - dementia
Snakeman - withering
Spell weaver - deathwatch
Thri-kreen - paralyze
Troll - blight

Also, some offensive spells gained a degree of breaching,
making them more useful against very high resistances, but
the effect is not very noticeable on standard resistances
(read: exp monsters). Some of the affinities above involve
boosting said breaching value. Very few of these affinity
effects have any kind of extra message involved in them,
since right now the bonuses are not that random (although
some way influence random chances to be higher etc)
and mostly happen 100% of the time, but that might change
still once I sleep on it.

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