(Experimental?) Ranger patch 2018 + some other stuff

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(Experimental?) Ranger patch 2018 + some other stuff

Post by sowilo » Sun Apr 01, 2018 02:43 am

Rejoice and despair! Rangers received some love. Their
mainguild now supports heroism and ascendancy eqstats.
I did not, however, touch the mastery levels (Reivers of
Grahm) and the unfinished stuff therein.

Rangers also benefit a little extra from sonic infusion / sonic
spell damage:
What affects what:

- Whirling blade maneuver damage, pattern special chances
other than singing blades, chance to gain extra whirling
blade momentum
- Animal kinship chance to hit twice. Wilderness lore chance
to hit twice, wilderness melee block chance and duration.
Adds to their damage.
- Adds to melee massacre duration.
- Adds tiny bit to ranged combat damage (bows,xbows),
accuracy, crit chance, crit damage, sniping damage, velocity
cap, non-miss special chance, momentum chance.
- Affects mountainfolk crossbow virtuoso chance and
damage for mainguild rangers, generic crossbow mastery
effects for mainguild rangers.
- Overall reduction of combat maneuver epcosts.

- Whirling blade singing blades pattern special chance,
singing blades special's spcost, whirling blades shockwave
- Animal kinship and wilderness lore chances. Chance and
duration to wilderness melee block.
- Benefits ranger spell duration and some spell powers. In
some cases benefits cost efficiency when forking to
additional targets.
- Lowers bladesinging costs, adds to bladesinging
conversion chance, bladesinging sing-chance, bladesinging_
sing damage.
- Influences normal cap of melee massacre attack%, adds to
melee massacre duration.
- Lowers move silently def assign penalty, adds to success,
lowers epcost. Influeces hide in shadows skill.
- Adds to ranged combat shockwave chance.

- Made sharpshooting affect more to xbow accuracy in
general, as well as lowered pinpoint precision effect on xbow
accuracy in general.
- Tuned ranger recipes for mixing. Not having enough plant
lore can halve the power of the salve you're making and
'slow deadly poison' is now actually doable at full strength.
Raised the power cap (+ from herbal lore mastery,
ascendancy) on some recipes.
- Rangers are now able to flank if they have evasive combat
methods trained to 100 when not wielding a bow.
- Singing blades pattern special now benefits from sonic
infusion and sonic spell damage.
- Whirling blades now gains slight bonus damage from sonic
infusion in general, if the user has bladesinging trained.
- Whirling blade shockwave now benefits from sonic infusion
and sonic spell damage, as does ranged shockwave.
- Improved 'cat stroke' pattern bonuses against animals.
- Added a couple more damage-scaling messages to
whirling blades maneuver.
- NPC uses of whirling blades got boosted - they get treated
as having mastery based on their level by default, and they
might not always use cross pattern now. Read: They can get
mastery-related special effects.
- Added additional tiers of pattern specials to whirling
- Fixed wilderness lore special's double hit chance
calculation: Unity of separate motions should now properly
increase the chance.
- Mixing : slow deadly poison was checking for poison lore
skill and thus being impossible to make properly. Now it
checks for plant lore.
- Mixing : instant deadly poison checking for that same skill,
but bugging and making you always succeed in poison lore
check -> plant lore

APRIL FOOL scam (no idea if anyone bought it, though):
- Added NPC hunters/trackers/scouts etc who have been
caught in traps to the outworld. Helping them free from
snares/jaw traps etc will award karma and exp. Trapping-
related skills / individual trap masteries help, but are not

Effects might not be finalized yet, will update this if changing
Report errors/bugs/etc to Sowilo. If you were already logged
in when this landed, you might need to update your ranger
shadow or relog.

Changes since initial posting:
- Upped the power of ranger poison salves, but you might
need enough herbal lore mastery to successfully make the
powerful ones...
- Made heroism lower offhand damage penalty in whirling
blades maneuver in a linear fashion.
- Made high ascendancy casters produce more good berries
- Rangers can now bypass animal dodges/parries
depending on their animal kinship, ascendancy, animal lore
and wisdom stat.
- Rangers can now bypass enemy dodges/parries while
move silently is turned on and they are in a large enough
party (or flanking legally). Higher chance in wilderness
terrain. Affected by ascendancy, move silently, prowling
and possibly wilderness tactics, rural concealment.
Flankable targets are easier to fool.
- Added special melee evasion against animals. Chance
depends on animal kinship, animal lore, wisdom, harmony
with the elements, ascendancy and evasive combat
methods. The chance caps.
- Added special melee evasion in wilderness. Chance
depends on wilderness tactics, rural concealment, rural
combat, wisdom, harmony with the elements, ascendancy
and evasive combat methods. The chance also caps.
- Made mainguild rangers get reduced maneuver and
momentum epcosts when they have resist exhaustion on.
Constitution helps with the reduction amount.
- Added badlands 'x' to list of sparse rural terrain for ranger
- Added swamps 's' and dense swamp 'S' to list of outdoor
types in move silently code, making them check for rural
concealment etc.
- Lowered mainguild ranger move silently epcosts due to
them being in harmony with the elements. They also have
a chance in addition of the ascendancy check to reduce
epcost while sneaking to 0. This check rolls vs harmony
and prowling to see if it negates epcost.
- Made improvised combinations easier to lbd
- Made sonic infusion affect bladesinging's effect.

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