Brelasean branch for the Scions of the cursed blood is open

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Brelasean branch for the Scions of the cursed blood is open

Post by sowilo » Sun Aug 26, 2018 00:11 am

Brelasean bloodline of the scions of the cursed blood is now open.

Brelasean bloodline is the caster branch of the dhamphir guild. Think of them as dark sages, dabblers in forbidden magicks, perusers of eldritch grimoires etc. They favor bludgeoning weapons: maces and staves. They can perform both in front row and in the back, as blood magic heightens their casting scores to match their offence or defence, although going full caster will probably yield more casting assigns than what blood magic can do.

The guild adds 9 new spells to the game, some of which have different casting modes. The spells they have available from the guild also gain bonuses or penalties from the Brelasean caster's main weapon (AKA focus item), which
might alter their casting cost and power in either positive or negative ways.

Their spells provide them with non-elemental damage types, while they also share some of the generic scion abiltiies with the other two branches. They need a lot of vitae to perform: Their more powerful abilities drink it up like no tomorrow. The guild really starts to work when you get to the last sub (lvl 41), which should probably come as no surprise to anyone familiar with scions, although low level people can probably squeeze some mileage out of them as well with partial access to their spell options. Brelasean scions should find
themselves presented with a quite a variety of choices to choose from, to pick and mix their playing style to optimally fit different situations. They are charisma casters, with constitution and strength also playing a role when it
comes to their more taxing abilities. This also translates into potentially having lower intelligence and wisdom, which in turn means less combat points and lower spmax than what you might expect from a caster, although they gain more of those two from their guild than they get charisma. Some of their spells require somatic components, so a caster weapon or ability to cast with weapons is probably of use.

The first 40 levels are in the same place as ther other two branches. The final sub is in Cenedoiss.

Brelasean bloodline requires a surname after level 40.
Hometown of either Cenedoiss or Graemor.
The available races are as follows: Elf, human, dark elf, leprechaun,
reed, shadowperson, gnome, derro, chitine, dwarf, halfling and brownie.

(Do note that the number of explore rooms in the game has recently shot up, so
you might no longer meet the explore requirement for a surname without the
civilized noble family perk.)

Brelasean branch benefits from both dominion and ascendancy, but so far only in a passive way in some effectivity calculations.

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