Gaesati update 2018: Gaesati 3.0

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Gaesati update 2018: Gaesati 3.0

Post by sowilo » Sun Nov 18, 2018 20:47 pm

Gaesati update 2018: Gaesati 3.0

Gaesati shapeshifters mainguild has been shifted to its second major update.
This update is fairly large, and I'm not sure if I have all the changes even
recorded in my notes.

The changes have been rolled in, if you are a member of the guild, you might
need to leave game / re-enter to update your stuff.

Current members of the guild are eligible for a free reincarnation. Might
require reincarnation to update your version of the guild item - I am not
entirely sure. Some skill trees were altered to add skills for two new forms,
and some joining prerequisites and level requirements were also tweaked. You
might be unable to train those added skills unless you reincarnate.

Major stuff tl;dr:
Added support for mk2 stats: heroism and ascendancy. (can be seen below)
Added two new form sub guilds: Birds (opposing bears) and fungi (opposes trees).
They can be found northwest from kindred of spider subguild.
Added 6th aspects to the rest. Need 75% kindred mastery to unlock them, and you
probably meet the skill requirements at that point, too.
Made eq-related zoidberg form more useful.

Added three new tactics:
Adrenaline rush: Deals damage based on how bad your own shape is
Sheltering charge: offers slight protection to another front row partymember
Takedown: A tactic where you try to wrestle/pull your target to a prone state
while other front row member provides a distraction.

There are still probably some stuff that isn't working as intended/properly
that has probably slipped past the testing process: Keep your eyes open for
strange behaviour - lack of seeing some messages you'd assume should be there,
or seeing them when you shouldn't. Abilities not working at all or properly,
or having targeting issues etc. Balancing is still an on-going effort. If
something seems too useless, it might require a closer look. Might be a
problem in the code not working as intended. Also, if something feels too good
or useful, it might also be a problem in the code not working as intended, so
report those cases to me as well. I have a feeling that especially some stuff
where the target dies and stops existing for when the code checks for it for
its name for some follow-up message etc might lead to errors.

Various helpfile updates, fixes and tweaks, some eye candy.

Minor stuff (copy pasted from news-channel, may contain redundant information):

Gaesati: Gaesati update 3.0 spam:

Gaesati: Some language corrections - Sorry, if your triggers/etc no longer match the message patterns that needed some rewriting.

Gaesati: Added two new subs: Kindred of birds (not compatible with bears), and kindred of fungi (not compatible with trees).
Gaesati: Both the birds and fungi guilds are to the northwest-ish direction from the spider sub, with fungi further way.
Gaesati: Fungi have access to two new spells: Spores of a fungus, and Chemosynthetic symbiosis. Fungi have special synergy with infusions, boast generally awful natural weapons and body size. Their special stuff works mainly by taking damage yourself, so they are a bit more defense-oriented than trees.
Gaesati: Bird shifters generally enjoy flying, but may have trouble with some pack tactics that rely on land mobility. Their sub changed str bonuses to dex, so that's different from the bears.

Gaesati: Added three new pack tactics and associated masteries for them: Adrenaline rush, sheltering charge, and takedown.
New Gaesati tactic: Adrenaline rush deals damage which scales with how badly injured/wounded the user is. It's not very useful if you're not too damaged.
New Gaesati tactic: Sheltering charge protects another party member against incoming melee hits for a brief period of time and intercepts them.
New Gaesati tactic: Takedown takes advantage of another party member providing a distraction to wrestle/pull the victim to a prone state.

Gaesati: Implemented support for heroism and ascendancy mk2 stats for Gaesati Shapeshifters:
Gaesati heroism: Lowers epcost of maneuvers, adds to some skill percentages, increases attack brutality, adds slightly to physical resistance, makes some stuff work better against higher level enemies.
Gaesati ascendancy: Adds to combat size, makes you less likely to get bonked over the head, adds to natural armour, increases instinct/roar effectiveness, adds to damage of some/most specials,

Gaesati: Every trainable form has now 6 aspects. The requirement for the sixth is 100% form, 100% change aspect, 90% mastery of shapeshifting skill and 75% Kindred of the ever-changing.
Gaesati: Zoidberg can now benefit from spectral claws. Their bludgeoning claws were renamed to be pincers and they use the bludgeoning hitstyles. They also have natural armor to compensate for not being able to use hide of a beast.
Gaesati: Some forms/aspects have relevant innate infusion scores now.
Gaesati: Non-animal forms have wound resistance.
Gaesati: Bear form now has an innate bonus to recouperating through sleeping.
Gaesati: Changed natural ac randomness a bit - not sure how much it affects stuff in relation to racial guild abilities.

Gaesati: Tweaked pack tactics to consider cases where flying or poor land mobility is involved. Bonuses and penalties, basically. Revisited some tactics that required additional partymembers to check the front row for them.
Gaesati: Wilderness assault tactic now allows the ambusher's melee attacks to bypass defences briefly when executed.
Gaesati: Fixed furious assault's mastery-crit formula to proc it with a chance higher than how pitifully low it used to be (0.15% with full mastery) for +50%/+100%/+200% more damage.
Gaesati: Also tweaked the other mastery effect chance for the special primal fury momentum generation, which now also has a case for zoidberg.
Gaesati: Gave furious assault and pack tactics some effects when used with melee massacre, and when enemies are impaired. In some tactics the massacre is a hindrance.
Gaesati: Improved damage type handling of furious assault and pack tactics, but some fluff-relevant tactics still do 100% physical damage and in those cases even brand charms do not have an effect.
Gaesati: All in all, with slight tweaks and whatnots, furious assault is now slightly better, more so with very low skill%. This probably affects monsters who use it, too.

Gaesati: Improved serpent slither chance to avoid physical damage.
Gaesati: Uptuned generally the different aspect specials that do damage on their own.
Gaesati: Made winter wolf freeze from cone of cold last one round longer, cone of cold now does more damage.
Gaesati: Greatly sped up actively spitting as a serpent / exhaling cone of cold as a winter wolf.
Gaesati: Made poisons caused by Gaesati stuff to tick faster.

Gaesati legacy fix: Gorehowl can again be used against the same target without the 150 second immunity period, since wound-code has been updated since.
Gaesati legacy fix: Adjusted some bodypart multipliers from 2 to 1.5 (head mainly) to be more in line with player races. I'm guessing this was a legacy feature from the days when player character head and neck had multiplier of 2.
Gaesati legacy fix: The freeze duration now properly benefits from Kindred of the ever-changing instead of obsolete wolf kinship.

Gaesati bugfix: Fixed 'unnerving bellow' to actually do something. It didn't if you didn't have reave defences skill - which Gaesati did not get unless through Vampire thralls secondary guild.
Gaesati bugfix: Fixed lightning resistance bonus from serpent aspects to be properly applied to stronger aspects instead of weaker aspects.
Gaesati bugfix: Fixed zoidberg form not properly getting cold resistance from cold tolerance.
Gaesati bugfix: Fixed special scouting bonus to work and stack as intended.
Gaesati bugfix: Fixed a bug in fur gnarl damage calculation code: it now benefits from fur gnarl tactic % instead of wishbone tactic %. Its wounding severity now tries to scale with pack tactics skill instead of a pack tactics spell that does not exist.
Gaesati bugfix: Cat and wolf forms' hunting bonus is now stacks properly instead of overriding senses of a beast effect and feral instinct.

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