Icesus from native 32 bit to 64 bit

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Re: Icesus from native 32 bit to 64 bit

Post by admin » Sun Jul 28, 2019 18:29 pm

The Great Switch was postponed to ~29-31.7.

The reason it was chosen to be postponed was because it was a wrong type of an event for the larger event (icecon) at hand. It would have been a more suitable event type for something like e.g. LAN parties, and like how in LAN parties people stay more in front of the computer.

With searing +34C, staying even indoors was not much of an option.

However, we were happy to be able to keep people in one place for the ~30 mins so we were able to pull the Icesus quiz through, which was fun. But even the quiz had to be done outdoors.

So it is like it is with space rocket launches: Rainy day, stormy weather -> launch postponed.

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Re: Icesus from native 32 bit to 64 bit

Post by admin » Tue Aug 06, 2019 17:44 pm

Marching order:
1) no intermittent crashes
2) make sure driver remains stable (requirement: one boot to boot without crashes)
3) reassemble driver/locate faulty part and exclude (will cause a couple of crashes until most efficient driver configuration is found)
4) make sure driver remains stable (requirement: one boot to boot without crashes)
(switch to status: green)
5) skim through records of 32-bit against 64-bit to detail, to see no one has exploited the crashes for personal gain.
6) reimburse losses during status yellow
7) reward those who have been online during the yellow alert
8) make first critical bugfixes (mantis)<=== currently ongoing
9) resume normal daily routine

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Re: Icesus from native 32 bit to 64 bit

Post by admin » Sun Aug 11, 2019 18:26 pm

Icesus 64-migration / post-migration investigation / after action report


During initial steps of 64-bit icesus migration there were some problems which resulted in crashes at 3-9 hour intervals. During this time administration of the game was concentrating 100% to get rid of the high priority bugs which caused these crashes. Eventually, bugs were fixed and game became stable, but the crash streak presented some opportunities to abuse the system. This investigation into game data was made to determine and identify if anyone exploited the system during initial steps of icesus 64.

However, each icesus savepoint consists saved records of millions of objects. It is not possible to go through them in maximum possible level of detail in a timeframe of few days. Instead, common indicators and spot checks were used as a investigation method, and those can always leak out if abuse was planned cleverly enough.

However, as these two savepoints (32-end -> 64-migration-successful) are saved "forever", and as abuse crimes wont get old, you can at any time tip the administration of possible misconduct. With a good tip, any abuses during this time period will be found with 100% accuracy, because then we know what to look for in a much more specific manner.


The scope of this investigation covers players who have been online in 64-bit icesus after 30th of July 2019, starting from noon EET time.

The players in scope of this investigation, based on above criteria, are: Adnegel, Aranna, Aranek, Aria, Arkose, Asor, Avalin, Bandar, Bletch, Bryant, Cadares, Charles, Crai, Darnel, Deles, Devlain, Direkein, Dracu, Drakonis, Drael, Dridoc, Drusie, Eetus, Etoi, Eze, Ezenya, Ghir, Ghozt, Gidriel, Grek, Gumbei, Hajile, Hagop, Hirag, Houghard, Ilmaree, Jared, Jelam, Juggelo, Kenara, Kiaran, Koriah, Korvah, Loda, Loffie, Loinfus, Lorcan, Lotharr, Malum, Manners, Maush, Miz, Mostaur, Nefe, Nepnop, Norfage, Otto, Pabuloff, Pariah, Pixu, Psy, Qesed, Razdolbay, Reizar, Rheloth, Richter, Schrade, Sethrill, Shaban, Shikan, Sriel, Tecari, Tenki, Tethon, Toxir, Twea, Tyril, Unnu, Usron, Vaarsy, Valysha, Vaseth, Vellis, Venator, Weeff, Welmwyrd, Werdna, Wica, Xepa, Xylon, Yentil, Zaik, Zeon, Zhade, Zohlor.

The scope of investigation for equipment is:
1) tower vault,
2) locker,
3) personal inventory,
4) houses.
5) shard temple combine log

The method of investigation covers forming a delta (change) in size of overall experience, money and equipment for each player in above mentioned player group. The exact methods of investigation are not disclosed.

Shard temple combiner

A total of five registered combiner entries after 64-migration.

Verdict: No suspicious activity detected.

Towers, lockers, personal inventory, houses.

Looking for common indicators + random spot checks. Some people had made e.g. incenses, some had made a lot of arrows, which explains larger delta between save points in spot checks.

Verdict: No suspicious activity detected.

Final verdict

For certainty we can say there has been no industrialized "eq factory" or major abuse activity ongoing during the migration period.

A clever enough person might have gotten away with 1 or so pieces of equipment because of savefile resolution. If this has happened or not we cannot say for certain.

Verdict: No abuse was found. Investigation closed until/if new evidence to the contrary is provided.

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