APRIL FOOLS '19: overhauled area near Cenedoiss now open

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APRIL FOOLS '19: overhauled area near Cenedoiss now open

Post by sowilo » Mon Apr 01, 2019 22:03 pm

This gameinfo was, as many guessed it, an April Fools prank of 2019:
A dark elf known as Dhinris ran afoul of Valkor's templars and has decided
to return back to his roots. To what is now known as the City-state of
Cenedoiss. He had originally left to seek out asylum after a particularly
disastrous earthquake ravaged his homeland. He and his cronies have
returned and re-established their old hiding place in the wild countryside
plagued by minotaurs, manticores, griffins and similar beasts, as well as
a loose alliance of two giant tribes.

Reobtaining the deed for his land from the current city administration was
reportedly quite easy, as hefty bribes exchanged hands it was revealed that
he wasn't now actually a wanted person in the entity known as Cenedoiss. The
price of the land itself was quite low, it is said, since who in their sane
mind would want to stake a claim in such a wild region, where dwarf
prospectors have uncovered a vast, surviving, tunnel network inhabited by
derros, dark elves, and the mysterious tenomai and who knows what else.

Hamar, the now-retired guard captain has dusted off the bounty posters on
minotaur heads and other fell threats of the wildside and taken them to
the Seaguard headquarters, now that it seems like someone is likely to go
around to poke the hornet's nest.

Wildside is back in business, boys! Or not, because it was April Fools!

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