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Icecon 2019

Post by admin » Tue Jul 09, 2019 17:36 pm

Attention! Icecon 2019 will be held in July 26-28 of 2019 @ Nuuksio national park.

(Forum topic for discussion: )
TIME: 26-28.7.2019
PLACE: Aurora Nuuksio -- Kattilantie 426 VIHTI.


Alas, due to an unfortunate Force Majeure, we are changing the location of our upcoming convention.

Our location was supposed to be in a place called 'Valklampi' in the verdant and lush Nuuksio national park.

The new location is still located in the verdant and lush Nuuksio national park, however it is considerably more elegant, higher class, with beds and linen for the first responders and has a savusauna. A traditonal smoke sauna will be specifically prepared for us by every evening, after which we are free to use it until the morning hours and dip into the idyllic pond that it lies by. There's also another sauna. And an extra tupa. And high class lodging fit for royals, embassadors and movie stars.

All in all, let us take this seemingly unfortunate turn of events with a stride and enjoy the luxury we definitely do not deserve.

The date is still the same 26-28 2019. The name of the place is 'Aurora Nuuksio', it is hosted by the same people who we have acquired our previous place from, and its address is: Kattilantie 426. When you put it to your navigators, put Kattilantie 426 VIHTI in there, instead of Kattilantie 426 Espoo that is says in the their webpage.

The best way to navigate there is to drive to 'Suomen luontokeskus Haltia', Nuuksiontie 84 Espoo. The con lodging 'Aurora Nuuksio' is approximately exactly six kilometers from there. While there are many side roads, it is best to approach it from this direction as the others are likely gated, closed, blocked, or full of mysterious Diu-like creatures aggrospooning you in the murk of twilight.


TIME: 26-28.7.2019
PLACE: Aurora Nuuksio -- Kattilantie 426 VIHTI.
COST: Zero. Bestowed to you again by the powers and be and your infinitely resourceful conmasters who managed to turn even this near catastrophe into glorious victory of sorts.

Thank you all, and see you there!
Ps. Put your name in this thread if you are staying the night so we can better arrange the accommodations!
Pps. More information to come, if and when it arrives and need be! Be in touch here and in coni+ channel.


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