Coding for Icesus with Mudlet

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Coding for Icesus with Mudlet

Post by Nickolai » Mon Oct 14, 2019 04:05 am

Hey everyone. You may have seen me around game. Myself and Kaylani started playing this game recently and it's pretty awesome. We come from Achaea and have used Mudlet for that for many years and so naturally we use Mudlet for Icesus as well. I'm a fairly prolific coder and would like to code some nice tools for Mudlet. For instance, for IRE games they use what's known as GMCP. Is this something you also use for Icesus to transmit hp/sp/exp/etc or is it some different format? Additionally, I'd like to discover a way to move the map itself into a separate window. I'm curious about approaches to capture the map when it's shown on screen (for instance in Verbose mode).

Anyways, thanks guys this is an awesome game I've really been enjoying it. I hope it becomes far more popular!

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Re: Coding for Icesus with Mudlet

Post by terces » Thu Oct 24, 2019 14:54 pm

Contact me directly and maybe we can make this happend for you all ;)

++ T

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