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Icesus android app.

Post by ezenya » Sun Feb 16, 2020 12:22 pm

Edit: The test is done, with small userbase it did not crash, and atleast one fault was found in the matching system most likely (you might have noticed you received multiple notifications, that included words that should not have been there, and only one notification was supposed to be sent for each user).
Thank you all for your co-operation.

Edited "Pitch talk!":
Have you ever missed that +5 EC shard or that item you have been wanting for months, just because you were on a break/in the store/watching latest Rick and Morty and the item ends up on Sales and is gone before the "bush radio" reaches you? Fear no more! The solution is here!


So, I am making an android app for Icesus. Its basic function is to act as an notifier if any user set keywords end up being sold at Sales-channel ingame.
Later and possible additions include: Icesus mobile client, Locker expiring-notification system, and whatever we come up with in time.

So I need as many testers as I can get for a stress test. You need and Android app with version 8 or higher (Oreo) (unknown if it works on lower versions, feel free to test!) and internet connection.

Install the app (download link will be added later tonight probably), add keywords "yksi" and "kaksi", hit "send" and that is it. After youve done that, leave a comment on this post. Also feel free to post all the bugs and problems you find, with as much info on your phone as you can tell (version, resolution etc).
Edit: Use the keywords "yksi" and "kaksi", so i can actually stress the server a little = everyone has same keywords.

Just dont uninstall the app untill the stress test is done.

This is just a basic stress test with no promises or guarantees, and all TESTING IS DONE AT YOUR OWN RISK. If the phone ends up exploding, it wasnt me.
There is no need to use any real credentials when signing in currently, just do and so on (but write it down for yourself).

It is ugly, I got no visual eye, I know.

Icesus and Jää Ry have no part in this app as of now, it is all done by me, a beginner, therefore no guarantees or anything like that, nor are they responsible of anything that might happen.

Edit: I can see your emails you sign up with, probably cant see passwords tho, but avoid using any real credentials just in case.

More edits: The wording may be rough, I really doubt anything is going to happen to your phone. And the testing is towards the backend more so than the client itself at this point.

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