hi to the old gang

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hi to the old gang

Post by luigivok » Thu Apr 16, 2020 15:58 pm

Greetings fellow mortals!,
It has been a (very) long time. I played somewhat continuously back in 2003, then on and off for minutes since ~2007. Congrats to all the wizards (past, present and future ones) who keeps this cozy place running =D>

Just wanted to check on some old friends, if you are still kicking, let me know:

Tharuk, Elia, Kiri, Garin, Alita, Shamasu, Everin, Sunokie, Klarh, Dancar, Tagriel, Alassea, Comas, Khane, Elenwyd, Xariah, Vejitaku, Minny, Gabadriel, Jujukoo, Comac, Perth, Felgand, Risla, Sylvanas, Slapstix, Zindarg, Saffron, Silvarion, Triphina, Aralus, Arkady, Keeopheya, Peloso, Estiela, Ragniel, Kar, Marcus, Tanatos, Pyrana, Narcissa, Lume, Chikpa, Missud, Leighcheri, Jarrun, Yaska, Belannaer, Ginjeet, Zaltaiz, Renba, Vivian, Ashille, Gonar, Moraq, Sevare, Hekkamiah, Morbridae, Taabbio, and Mumzy.

Luigivok tips his hat gallantly.

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