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solar (26) said: Warning: : AC is calculated wrong (if this were 2nd edition AD&D, AC 6 would actually be better than average, but since there is a dex stat of 3, it should be worse than normal. ), and if this uses 3E or 3.5 rules, then AC 6 would be worse than average, which sounds fine, since um, dex of 3 gives a penalty of 4, but that ac 6 of this baby does not take into consideration that small size gives bonus to AC! And chr 18 seems a bit far fetched :E >:P
oren (5) said: That's a great shirt!
kraven (18) said: that shirt is 3.5 edition...
kraven (18) said: and with 3,5 rules this baby's ac dex would be considered 0 cos its immobile and cant move by his own
daerin (56) said: :DDDDDDDD
solarin (17) said: Just watch out for the ranged attacks. :P
pyrana (19) said: Charisma 18 is only the babies effect on females with only charisma 3 against males (the horror)
klarh (5) said: Wait, how do these things sell? I thought nerds weren't supposed to be able to reproduce...

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