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Monk Guild - Silly but Friendly improvements

Post by suleidan »

Please consider changing the requirement of lvl 15 initiates from 32% self-control to 34%.. it is 6k exp only and would not make anyone butt hurt.

this will make the transition to warrior monks able to be done without lifting a finger and training 'unnecessary crap' if you want to just move on up the list of guilds to hit lvl 60 fast.

Please for last 6 or less levels of warrior monks, consider adding 'dodge' as a requirement to 60% ... if you want to be 'easy on yourself' add it to lvl 25 requirement, all 60%, to facilitate the move to the subuild Road of Temperance

just makes it nicer ... one thing i love about FP is the zero requirements to train to 60.. don't have to even think :p... this .. if keeping requirements, at least makes it less of a hassle going between subs.

ps. those doors could stay open slightly longer too :p.... and maybe not lock from both directions.

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Post by belannaer »

Did these.
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monk guid charisma level bonuses

Post by andr »

Could you be so kid to remove charisma level bonuses and replace them with dex or str?
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Post by suleidan »

thanks bela :) that was very nice reincing this time!
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Post by daic »

I think some of those charisma bonuses are there for a reason. Not all levels can give superbeneficial bonuses.
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Post by riley »

I'd like to suggest the idea that monk runes that give lasting effects be applied in stages.

As it currently stands, a rune that goes up in level has a few extra bits added to it that need to be completed to gain the entire effect of the rune. Level 1 body of steel has 12 sections to its rune, while level 2 body of steel has 14.

What I'm suggesting is that when a monk powering up body of steel gets to 12 sections, they gain the effect of the level 1 body of steel. It would then increase to the level 2 effect at 14 sections, and so on.

I'm not sure how this would work with the "rune prepare" command that applies the finished rune, but we could stand to do away with needing to enter a command for that anyway.
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Post by khade »

In my experience, the higher the level of the rune, the faster it is to load, even though there's more parts, or at least it doesn't seem to take any longer. I suspect it has to hit all the points before being ready anyway, which would mean it would take the exact same amount of time to load a level 1 vs level 6 rune.

I think we need more choices, that we can have one of active at a time, like a rune that boosts str or dex that takes the slot of pearl of wisdom, or depending on how it works, they could be stackable, not sure right now.
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