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Jää Association

Icesus staff.jpg

Jää ry is a registered non-profit association, whose main goal is to promote written English expression in a modern way.

Instead of writing books and novels, we are creating a whole interactive text based world, that you can adventure in. Imagine it as a book where you can literally step inside the story.

Our main service is a text-based online game, called Icesus. We develop and maintain the free service, and guarantee it will stay online.

Contact information

Jää Ry P.O. Box 561 90101 OULU FINLAND

Email contacts: Association: idles at icesus dot org Webmaster: www at icesus dot org

Banking connection: IBAN account number: FI9080001170535877 BIC Code: DABAFIHH

Banking connection in Finland: Sampo: 800011-70535877

Join the association

Apart from just keeping the server online, Jää ry welcomes new members to support the activity.

By becoming a member you receive 250PDF (permanent divine favor, gained from each membership year).

Permanent Divine Favours, like the name suggests, are permanent, and will not be removed even if you decide not to renew your membership on the next year.

Currently all members of Jää ry are invited join the meetings and other events (such as IceCon) arranged by the association.

To join Jää ry costs 50€. You can join by transfering the money to Jää ry's bank account, and doing the other instructed task as mentioned in the joining page.

Jää ry keeps a register of its members. See the register details.

Revered contributors

  • Tuomas Kortelainen - wrote continuation of Icesus lore and provided it for the association to use.