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While this wiki is hosted in Icesus's server, it is built and maintained by players. Therefore keep in mind, that there are no absolute truths to be found here, as things are always evolving and many topics hold a lot of "word of mouth" information passed by others from times long gone. Wizards may add/edit pages here but they do NOT add any information that is "verified" or unaccessible by players, unless it is information found readily ingame, eg. help files and such.

Players can ask for an account and collect information here, as long as it obeys Sharing information rules. If you feel unsure, feel free to ask a wizard if some info is allowed to be put here.


Icesus is a multi-user online roleplaying game (MUD) focusing on combat, character development, player interaction and economy. Icesus MUD is maintained and operated by a non-profit association.

Latest, bigger changes/additions to Icesus

  • Markets Hunt and sell to live off as a merchant! (2020)
  • Battlefields Province-related, adding a different kind of combat system to the game (2020)
  • Silverspire New city (2020)
  • Official Icesus wikipedia is FINALLY here! In the past, wiki has been built and maintained by players and some Wizards, and being hosted in various locations. Now the wiki is official, and in Icesus' own server! (2019)
  • Transition to 64-bit (2019)
  • Biomes The outworld of Icesus just got more dangerous, and interesting! (2019)
  • Navigator order Start exploring the moons! (2019)
  • Mantis new way to keep track of bugs reported by players, and a way for players to contribute in form of new ideas for game mechanics, features etc. (2019)
  • Provinces Build your own castle, build troops, command them, rule over the province, set taxes for the population and more! (2018)
  • And more being developed to the date! Naturally this list does not include bugfixes/smaller features.

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