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Moneymaking tips for New Players, 2019 edition by Sowilo

A recent tune has changed how npcs carry coinage on their person. Overall, the trend is now that killing npcs for pocket change is no longer as viable as it used to be. But there are still ways of making money.

Rat-infested warehouse

1) At very low levels, you can still run the Rat-infested warehouse AKA Newbie warehouse AKA Vizra's Warehouse. Kill rats, pick up their corpses, and then present those corpses to vizra. This works for a few levels early on, but it doesn't make you rich. It does, however, give you some starting money to train your first skills with. See:

help newbie areas
get corpse
present corpse to vizra

Skinning corpses

2) Skinning corpses. Anyone can 'skin corpse', having a dagger or especially a knife helps with this. Most monsters with a skin should be skinnable, and that skin can be quite valuable. Physically large corpses can yield as many as 5 pieces of skin when skinned. These skins are sellable to a fur trader, such as Denso whose shop is in the northeastern corner of the starting city Vaerlon. Some skins are worthless, though. See:

help skin
skin corpse [with <knife>]
skin corpse
skin corpse with "skinner"

Leatherworking skins

3) Leatherworking skins and selling the products to armour store. This can yield more money than selling the skins alone, but it takes some extra time to process the skins. You can also fumble and destroy a skin entirely. You can train leatherworking as a talent straight from Denso, but you can also join the leathercrafting profession guild with either normal or profession levels (you have 1 profession level for each 5 levels you normally have), with 'join' or 'join as profession', leveling up is with 'advance' or 'advance as profession'. Having high dexterity makes the quality of work better and thus makes the products more valuable. Some of your crafted goods may also become magical, which may make them potentially desired by the rest of the player base, who can be willing to pay a lot more for them than the npc store would. Making single slot earring pieces with magical bonuses seems to be a product that has had a market throughout the years, given how many or few single slot magical earring items the game has, and how difficult they are to find. help talents

help skill leatherworking
"use leatherworking at make <armour> from <skin> [for <race>]
"use leatherworking at make ring from skin for leprechaun"
help armour types

Exterminating vermin

You can help kingdoms get rid of vermin. See more about exterminating vermin from here.

Hauling trash

4) Hauling trash. Basically, run around, pick stuff from the floor, sell that stuff to the shops. Made more profitable by having a higher carrying capacity and exploring new areas which more experienced players run, leaving the npc drops behind. Shanty town, the orc village to the west of the starting city (you go through the tunnel to get to the other side of the mountain) is a good spot for hauling trash. The city of Atherton to the northeast of the starting city (the road eventually leads there) is another. If you invest in a mount capable of pulling wagons or carts, you can increase the volume of trash you can move around on a single trip. Some materials are naturally more valuable than others. Stone, bone, wood, clay etc are almost worthless, but iron, steel, silk, aluminium and some bronze armours can be quite valuable for how much they weigh.

Fishing for karma

5) Fishing for karma, selling the karma to players. This can be quite a good source of money. You get around 1 karma for every 2 fish you release, and depending on demand, a single point of karma can be sold for 10k on a good day, but probably around 6k on a slow day. To fish you need some basic fishing gear. A fishing rod is required. A shovel is needed to dig for worms to be used as fish bait. A spring balance is needed if you want to weigh the catches for all-time fish records. Giving a big enough a fish to Astug, the npc fisherman, can also get you a nifty reward. See:

help fish
dig for worms
fish south with rod
weigh fish
fish release fish


6) Hunting. You can use the 'hunt' command in the outworld to slowly spawn animals, which you can then kill for their skin (see #2, #3). Against hunted enemies, your initial first hit gains a damage bonus. If you one-hit-kill the hunted prey, their skin becomes more valuable. Psionic and asphyxiation damage also leaves behind undamaged skins, but those damage types can be hard to have as a low level character. See:

help hunt
help skill hunting
help throw
help shoot
help ranged weapons
help aim

Exploring areas

7) Exploring areas to find out where low level enemies with valuable stuff reside. There are some low level creatures in the Valley who carry items that are worth a good amount of money. For example, in the halfling village of Highhill, north of the starting city, there is a gardener who has a glowing knife. The gardener is not difficult to kill. The newbie temple are right outside the north gate of the starting city can also have valuable secrets for a clever explorer.

Being lucky

8) Being lucky. Every time you kill a creature, there is a chance of finding rare treasures. These treasures, depending on what they are, can yield quite a lot of money from other players who have an use for them. Crystallized shards are used to enchant items, so coming across a fairly useful one can be a good source of money. Even the worst shard can be used to enchant a decent base item to make them valuable - not valuable enough to be sold, but valuable enough to be sacrificed for a monetary benefit equal to at least 150k. Thus, even the worst crystallized shard has a minimum price around that price range. Some other valuable treasures are racial boons, especially human and dwarf boons. They are useful for people who have race guild levels, as they can use up to 4 boons to earn benefits equal to having up to 2 extra levels in the race guild. These boons probably have a price around 2 million for these two highly demanded races. Charms (help charm) can also be quite valuable depending on what they are.


help treasure
help shards
help charm
help racial guilds
help imbue


9) Handouts. Some times, for whatever reason, higher level players are giving out free stuff. Yay, they can be valuable. Personally, I feel like while this can be quite advantageous - to get good items above your current power level, it can also potentially make the game boring. Especially if you get gear that you can't then improve on easily. Improving yourself through your own efforts is rewarding and keeps the game interesting. Actively going around asking for free stuff, however, is frowned upon, unless it has to do with vision problems, such as not being able to see in bright light and wanting nether torches or darkness stuff.

Race guilds

10) Race guilds. Some race guild have perks that help with making money. Civilized city dwellers has insider trading, which gives you extra profit from selling stuff to npc stores. Slumdogs have merchant of death perk, which gives you extra profit for selling weapons and armours to npc shops. Mountainfolk has good brother agreements perk, which forces npc merchants to pay full price for the stuff you sell to them, when they could otherwise start lowering the amount of money they give you in return when selling in bulk. See:

help racial guilds
help race
race list slumdogs
race info slumdogs merchant of death


11) Reputation. Positive reputation in some Cities has an impact on how much profit you make by selling stuff. The starting city, Vaerlon, has such a reputation with its respectable shops. It can be quite difficult to get and maintain high reputation, however, but it is a good thing to keep in mind.