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Vermin are a nuisance to the society wherever they may roam as they spread disease, destroy property and cause material loss. All kingdoms and their provinces happily welcome exterminators, as kingdoms of the provinces are paying nicely for the province owners to get rid of their vermin. Province owners can benefit from this deal, but so can any self-made exterminator with some business savvy.

This is how you can make money as an exterminator.

Go to any province of your choosing, e.g. Barrens:

Province of Barrens.

Type "enter" to enter the province. Once inside the province, type "fauna".

Biome fauna in the province of Barrens

Fauna of Barrens.

So we see the biome wildlife of this province contains 13% animals, 31% birds, 9% humanoids and 45% vermin.

With vermin % somewhat high, this province clearly has a vermin problem and will pay a lot for vermin extermination.

It says there are currently 33 active vermin specimen roaming around the Barrens.

If the province is able to get rid of vermin so that there are 16 vermin specimen left (cutdown by 50%), the province will be paid 8250 silver by the kingdom.

If the province is able to get rid of vermin so that there are 8 vermin specimen left, the province will be paid 16500 silver by the kingdom.

If the province is able to get rid of vermin so that there are only 3 vermin specimen left, the province will be paid 33000 silver by the kingdom.

The rewards are cumulative, so there is a possibility to make 33000+16500+8520 = a total of 58020 silver by exterminating the vermin of this province down to 10%.

This is good news for the province owner, but probably not for you yet, because those 58020 silver will be paid directly to the province, not the people who did the hard work.

Important note: Note that some vermin are nocturnal, while some are diurnal. So if you're wondering where on earth those "last three" vermin might be, they might be sleeping and won't come around until morning.

Getting your cut

The province owners have the possibility to set an "exterminator share" to their province. This setting will save over boot.

If the province owner sets the exterminator share to 20%, it means the province owner will keep 80% of the extermination reward, and the exterminator may keep 20% of the reward.

It is beneficial for the province owner to set the exterminator share, because otherwise he has to go out there himself and get his hands dirty. The better the share, the more people might be willing to come and help out.

If an exterminator share has been set by the province, the "fauna" output changes to look like this.

Province declares exterminator share.

NOW this situation is mutually beneficial both to the province owner and the exterminator.

This means the province owner will get 80% a total of 46416 silver, and the exterminator will get 20% = 11604 silver.

The share can of course be negotiated with the province owner.

Exterminator rewards can be achieved once every boot from every province with vermin present.


The exterminator should do his work and follow channel "province-event" for a message such as:

(xx:xx) Provinces (province-event): Exterminator bronze level reward granted to the province of Barrens: 1000 silver to province fund, 250 silver to province public fund.

This means the money is now available for you to collect it from the public funds of barrens. You can do it from the same room as you did "fauna":

Salary time.

Note: Since province public fund is not a bank with accounts, public rewards are just stored for anyone to take. So once you get the channel inform about an awarded reward, run quickly back to the province to get it. Note that if you did it with a party you can share what you take.

However, if someone "steals" your cut, there will be a trace, and you can see who took money from the public fund the last time. If someone steals your salary, the thief will be prosecuted accordingly.

How do I find various provinces?

The main map from our website now shows provinces: Click here

See our high fidelity worldmap, here: Icesus HIFI worldmap

Each province has been marked in the map. The province center you have to find for yourself (you get explore if you do).

WARNING! This map is HUGE, 100M in size, so don't choke out your browser. But it is 300 DPI, which means you can print it out in A1 and hang it on your or your neighbours' wall if you want.

Vermin Control

Vermin command.

Use in-game command "vermin" to be informed of lucrative extermination opportunities.

In vermin view, each province has one row. Columns, starting from left:

  • PROVINCE: The name of the province which either has or does not have a vermin problem (you see numbers if it has a vermin problem, "--"s if there is no vermin problem.
  • REWARDS/90% killed: This is the amount of silver the province owner will get if 90% of vermin are exterminated.
  • REWARDS/75% killed: This is the amount of silver the province owner will get if 75% of vermin are exterminated.
  • REWARDS/50% killed: This is the amount of silver the province owner will get if 50% of vermin are exterminated.
  • YOUR SHARE: This is the % you will get from what the province owner gets. For example, in case of province Kitron in the screenshot, if 90% of vermin are killed, and the share is set to 50%, the province owner gets 6500 silver, and YOU get 6500 silver.
  • ALIVE: This is the number of vermin currently alive in the province. The lower the number gets, the better the opportunity to reap the rewards.

The view will also track if any of the bounties have been redeemed. The amount of silver will be replaced by "--" to indicate this specific bounty is redeemed. Wait for next boot for it to replenish.

Remember to join channel "province-event" so you get real-time informs if and when people redeem prizes from extermination.

I killed a vermin but it didn't count!

This is because the system tracks only biomes vermin. It doesn't track the old (outworld1.0) creatures yet. To recognize new biomes creatures from old outworld creatures, use command "spot <creature>". If the creature is spottable, it is a biomes creature. If it is a biomes creature, and it is also a vermin, it will count towards the province extermination totals.

If above explanation made your head spin, just remember basic rule of thumb: Just annihilate all vermin and you can't fail.