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How to read:

For example under Strength (STR) for Antaeun you see the number 7. This is the cost for training one strength with Advancement points, meaning one strength costs 7 Adv points. This also affects how much experience and money training skills (or spells) costs for skills that have high strength value. For a new player this cost does not mean much, as it is more something to consider much later in the game, when you start to train stats and focus more on "minmaxing".

MELEE stands for combined stat costs for str/con/dex, and SPELL for combined costs of int/wis, so higher number in melee means it is costly to train str/con/dex stats, and low SPELL means int and wis are cheap to train, so races like Beholder with 20 melee and 8 spell are more suited for being spellcasters, stat cost-wise.

TOTAL is the total costs of all stats/regens.

HPR, EPR, SPR, PSPR refer to regens of the race, in order: health regen, endurance point regen, spell point regen, psychic spell point regen.

HRATE refers to Heartbeat, which determines how often a regen "tick" occurs (smaller number = more often the tick happens).

Exp is the experience modifier for the race, for example 94% = you get 94% experience from kills (kill 100 exp worth goblin, gain 94 experience, not counting any other possible multipliers/penalties).

Size refers to the physical size of the race in centimeters.

CI, DE, HI, LE, NO, SL, MO refer to racial guilds the race can join, in order: Civilized city dwellers, Cult of the devourer, Hive, Little people's league, Nomads of the wild, Slumdogs of czardom, Clan of the mountainfolk.


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