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The Reed, as other dwellers call them are quite mysterious, and rarely seen outside their natural habitat, the marshlands in the southern edge of the valley. They have almost no contact with other races, preferring to stay in the deepest reaches of the swamplands, in solitude, gathering together only at rare festives and feeding sprees. Only at those rare gatherings they can be observed, their eerie rituals creating much wonder and amazement and to say simply, horror.

Physically, they differ from most races quite a lot, their body is reed-thin, thus their name, the original being too difficult to pronounce by most other races. They have normal, or at least mostly normal limbs, arms and legs, their fingers and toes longer than you'd imagine and thin, seeming almost to be in verge of breaking apart at any time. Their bodies have absolutely no fat, nor much meat in them, only thin bones and thick greenish grey skin, their eyes almost burning with green gaze. Their face is very narrow and teeth long and sharpened, with moss-green hair, usually uncut and flowing free around their narrow shoulders and far into their back. They are extremely tall, but being thin as they are, their bulk is not greater than any medium-sized race.

The Reed are rarely in contact with most other races, but those few contacts have all been violent. Considering their strange body structure and inability to store little energy to their bodies they have evolved into new symbiotic ways to regenerate. They usually bind nutritious materials, most often corpses, humanoid preferred, to their back and start to merge with them, the rotting flesh becoming construction material and nutrition source, allowing them to regenerate at normal speed. This need for rotting flesh greatly concerns other races, and they are often killed in sight, if one is able to.


Strength       7
Dexterity      3
Constitution   8 
Intelligence   3     
Wisdom         7  
Charisma       4   
Size           HUGE


 Spell point regen        moderate
 Endurance point regen    mediocre 
 Hit point regen          mediocre

Other Stats:

 Heartbeat rate           very slow
 Experience gain rate     good (90%)
 Ability to see in light  average
 Ability to see in dark   MAXIMAL

Special Abilities:

Carnivorous Digestion
They have a lifespan of approximately 12 years.


2 finger slots
1 amulet slots
2 hand slots
1 torso slots
1 head slots
2 arm slots
2 foot slots
1 miscellaneous slots
2 ear slots
2 leg slots
1 neck slots
1 belt slots
1 cloak slots
1 clothes slots.

Racial Guilds:

Cult of the devourer