Cult of the devourer

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Guild Info

Cult of the devourer is a collection of orcs, trolls, beholders, reeds and saerkas who still live by the rules of the old tribes and uphold their values. They are often very different from their normal city-dwelling brothers and sisters because of their deep connection to the old ways and traditions, which breeds totally different kind of people. One of the things that unites these tribal races is their ancient way of worshipping an abyssal demi-god, the Devourer. This worship usually involves a lot of fighting, drinking and eating.. and being a general nuisance to all other more moderate people.



It is located southwest from Astug's hut


Available ancestral qualities are:

 alestorm                        Cost: 1
 armour of lard                  Cost: 2
 big bully                       Cost: 2
 bleed resistant                 Cost: 1
 bloodlust                       Cost: 1
 bone skull                      Cost: 2
 bonk                            Cost: 2
 born to fight                   Cost: 2
 chaotic mind                    Cost: 1
 enhanced vision                 Cost: 2
 for the horde                   Cost: 2
 gargantuan                      Cost: 1
 gigantism                       Cost: 1
 hardened by labour              Cost: 3
 humongous                       Cost: 1
 hunter gatherer                 Cost: 1
 just a flesh wound              Cost: 2
 king alcohol                    Cost: 1
 larger than life                Cost: 2
 lazy sloth                      Cost: 1
 mommy said I was special        Cost: 1
 poison resistance               Cost: 1
 primitive superstition          Cost: 3
 second wind                     Cost: 2
 tribal conduit                  Cost: 1
 tribal magick                   Cost: 2
 very virile                     Cost: 2
 wary of magic                   Cost: 2
 world is a buffet               Cost: 1

Cost: 1
Fighting is the core of your life and fighting drunk and chugging some ale
while doing it just makes it even better. While others might have trouble
handling their alcohol while fighting a dragon or two you have no such
troubles and can slip a sip or two whenever you feel like and oh boy do you
feel like doing so! Alcohol powers you and when you drink you can just kill
anything in your sight.
Effects: Allows you to drink in combat and drinking alcohol gives bonus
attacks. Stronger drinks increase the chance.

Armour of lard:
Cost: 2
Many followers of the Devourer are immensely obese due to their tribal
worshipping habits. Still this armour of lard does not seem to affect them
in any other way than being an extra layer of protection in combat.
Effects: Adds natural armor.

Big bully:
Cost: 2
Being larger than others some times twists your world view and makes you
think that anyone smaller than you is a lesser being and to be freely
Effects: Improves your damage against smaller beings. Requires gigantism.

Bleed resistant:
Cost: 1
Some tribal members have extremely thick blood that makes them very
resistant to bleeding and allows them to perform better in combat due to
Effects: Halves bleed damage.

Cost: 1
Short temper is something of a racial trait to all tribal members. Certain
invidiuals have even shorter fuse than others and can fly into rage from
the smallest of things. Hitting those individuals in the face with a hammer
is just asking for a trouble.
Effects: Increases damage and survivabilty when you take a big hit.

Bone skull:
Cost: 2
Some people have especially thick skulls full of bone, often after getting
repeated hits to their head. This bone fortress protects them from being
too bothered about getting hit on the head.
Effects: Partial stun immunity. Requires you to be a special boy.

Cost: 2
This is my club. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
My club is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master
my life.
My club, without me, is useless. Without my club, I am useless.
I must hit harder than my enemy who is trying to kill me. I must club him
before he clubs me. I will...
Effects: Increases damage with bludgeoning weapons.

Born to fight:
Cost: 2
While combat is very taxing for your body for most of people, for those
that have been born to fight and have fought their whole life any combat is
just a mere light practice and they can keep on smashing people's faces in
a lot longer than anybody else. You also can exert excessive physical force
in combat unlike no other can.
Effects: Reduces ep cost of combat and gives physical infusion (10).

Chaotic mind:
Cost: 1
Some special people have especially chaotic minds who think the world is
morally bankrupt and ruled by mass delusion and without any moral agenda.
These people will not allow their souls to be stolen and will not change!
They make perfect material as a psionicists and can do more mental harm
than any other people in the world.
Effects: Improves your psionic damage. Requires you to be a special boy.

Enhanced vision:
Cost: 2
Some tribal members have an enhanced vision allowing them to perform even
in brightest daylight without any harmful effects. They can also see in the
darkest of darkness.
Effects: Improves vision.

For the horde:
Cost: 2
When you are clubbing people life feels just right but it gets even better
when you do it with couple of friends.
Effects: Chance to get extra attack after using a maneuver. Chance is based
on party size.

Cost: 1
Every now and then some tribal members are born who are just towering
gargantuans. Often they become major leaders in the tribe... or battering
Effects: Increases size even more.

Cost: 1
Some are just born bigger than others.
Effects: Increases size.

Hardened by labour:
Cost: 3
Professions are often just a hobby or a way to pass for many citydwellers.
For tribal members it often means heavy manual labour or some times even
slave labour. Wealthy people exploit just because they can but this heavy
labour has harnened some of the tribals, making them stronger, faster and
some times even more intelligent than their fellow members.
Effects: Allows you to get level bonuses when leveling up with professional
levels. NOTE: you need to take this ability before taking the levels. You
cannot also use racial purity boon after taking this ability.

Cost: 1
I'm not fat, just a big boned... and really humongous in size!
Effects: Increases size more.

Hunter gatherer:
Cost: 1
Fresh meat and funny mushrooms don't find their way onto your plate on
their own, sadly. Someone has to go and get them.
Effects: Improves your hunting and gathering luck.

Just a flesh wound:
Cost: 2
Tribal life can be a cruel mistress and many are hardened because of it.
They don't care about minor scratches or few missing limbs. It just makes
them more angry and hardy in combat.
Effects: Increases natural armor based on how wounded you are. Requires
armour of lard.

King alcohol:
Cost: 1
Alcohol is the king in your life and it is a great master. While it makes
others puke and fall asleep in the gutters, it makes you the king of the
world when you are drunk and more drunk the better.
Effects: Removes most negative effects from alcohol. Drunkness improves
your combat assigns.

Larger than life:
Cost: 2
Many of the tribal members are massive in size and often their ego is twice
that size. Meeting one of these individuals in the combat can scare the
shit out of you.
Effects: Minor terror effect. Requires humongous.

Lazy sloth:
Cost: 1
Let's face it, some people are lazy and you are one of them.
Effects: Allows you to now sleep twice as more than other people and gives you a bonus on
the sleep ticks.

Mommy said I was special:
Cost: 1
Having special peanut for brains allows you to deflect all reasoning and
improves your resistance against your mind. Also your 'special' brain
doesn't require as much oxygen.
Effects: Improves psionic and asphyxiation resistance.

Poison resistance:
Cost: 1
When you've spend your whole life eating everything from small rocks to
poisonous mushrooms a little poison in your system just feels like added
Effects: Improves poison resistance.

Primitive superstition:
Cost: 3
Witch doctors, shamans and other spiritual leaders of the tribal devourer
cults are often seen wearing various fetishes, charms and items of mumbo
jumbo significance. They treat them like they hold great power, and indeed,
many tribesmen fear and respect them for this primitive behaviour. Over
time, this irrational surplus of reverence and fear has empowered the charm
collections worn by these primitive wise ones to hold just that
superstitious power. That, or the regular living blood sacrifices for the
Effects: Charm collections count as you having one extra charm of each type
that is in the collection.

Second wind:
Cost: 2
You will never die! Often you've found yourself lying near dead in the
middle of battlefield with your guts flowing out of your stomach and
thought that this was it. But then you've noticed an interesting looking
fight or a chunk of fresh meat and decided 'maybe today isn't that day
after all'.
Effects: Gives you a chance to gain an instant regen when you are about to
get damage. Higher chance when you are on low health.

Tribal conduit:
Cost: 1
Tribal life has made you attune to your companions and somehow makes your
brain regain it's power faster.
Effects: Improves your spell point and psionic point regenerations based on
party size.

Tribal magick:
Cost: 2
You draw strength from your tribal members and become stronger when
surrounded by friends.
Effects: Improves your spell damage based on party size. Requires tribal

Very virile:
Cost: 2
You are the stud of your tribe. Members of opposite genders, whether they
are of your race or another should fear and hide when you are in town.
Blood pumps faster through your veins and it shows.
Effects: Improves your heartbeat.

Wary of magic:
Cost: 2
Some tribal members are very wary of magic and it has made them be very
observant of any magic use near them.
Effects: Allows you to see other people's spell casting.

World is a buffet:
Cost: 1
Eating is the goal of life, the more the better. A tasty snack between
every course and an another meal between courses. Nothing is better than a
fresh meat and eating it should your goal of life.
Effects: Eating raw meat gives small regen buff.