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Guild Info

Nomads of the wild are a group of nomads from various races who have banded together with their own racial brothers and sisters or even with other nomadic races who fit their group. They do not have any permanent dwellings and they spent their time traveling around the valley as nomads, often herding animals which provide them with food, materials and things to barter with. Especially antauens herding large groups of reindeer and mammoths is a sight to behold. Often some of them wander into civilized areas and offer their services as a mercenary for few seasons before again vanishing back into the wilds. They are all extremely hardy people and can survive in the harshest of conditions without any harm.



Near Monk guild


Available racial abilities are:

 against the elements               Cost: 1
 animal bleeder                     Cost: 2
 aurora watcher                     Cost: 1
 bleed resistant                    Cost: 1
 bone witch                         Cost: 2
 caller of the hunt                 Cost: 2
 Clan-war instigator                Cost: 3
 cream of the crop                  Cost: 1
 elemental resonance                Cost: 2
 fortune finder                     Cost: 1
 friends in high places             Cost: 1
 head in the clouds                 Cost: 1
 highland giant                     Cost: 2
 hunter gatherer                    Cost: 1
 lonesome road                      Cost: 1
 lowland giant                      Cost: 2
 mercenary bodyguard                Cost: 2
 muscle bulwark                     Cost: 2
 my other bow is a ballista         Cost: 2
 natural-born earthshaker           Cost: 2
 nomad-wanderer                     Cost: 1
 one with the nature                Cost: 2
 projectile tree trunks             Cost: 2
 roughin' it                        Cost: 1
 survival rations                   Cost: 1
 trained by harsh conditions        Cost: 2
 wherever I may roam                Cost: 2
 world on your shoulders            Cost: 1
Against the elements:
Cost: 1
Nomads are used to traveling in any conditions the mother nature throws at
them. Scorching heat, freezing coldness of the glaciers, a bit of lightning
hitting you or wading through sulfuric mud is a no problem for them.
Effects: Increases fire, cold, lightning and acid resistance. 
Animal bleeder:
Cost: 2
Herding animals is one of the most common professions of nomadic races and
they have learned to be really good with handling them. Hides, fur and meat
is not only a key to their survival but also a great way for them to do
some trading with towns and cities that they pass to obtain tools and goods
that they cannot make themselves. Bleeding the animal properly is necessary
to preserve the meat and hides in perfect condition and so that they last
for really long time.
Effects: Wounds you make are deadlier.
Aurora watcher:
Cost: 1
Magical energies flowing through the Aegic create impressive lights in the
sky during winter nights and especially during when an elemental phase
changes to an another. Nomads have specialized shamans who watch the
auroras light up the sky and can infuse their own magics with these wild
elemental energies.
Effects: Gives you spell damage based on your main guild. 
Bleed resistant:
Cost: 1
Some nomads have extremely thick blood that makes their metabolism fairly
slow compared to other races. This slowed metabolism allows some of them to
slow down the blood flow in their body to prevent bleeding out too fast if
they happen to get wounded.
Effects: Reduces bleed damage. 
Bone witch:
Cost: 2
Bone witches are clan-shamans of the nomads. While most of the nomads
aren't very versed in magic use these bone witches are the opposite. They
provide the clans with all the magical knowledge they need and are often
very formitable, yet wild magic users.
Effects: Improves spell point regen. 
Caller of the hunt:
Cost: 2
Hunting is an important part of life for the nomads. Each clan has a member
called caller of the hunt who leads the clan during the hunt. He knows all
the tricks to catch and slay animals quickly to provide maximal amount of
meat and furs for the clan, although never more than what they need as it
would otherwise just be wasted as the carrying capacity of the clan is
Effects: Increases damage against animals and speeds up skinning. 
Clan-war instigator:
Cost: 3
Clan-wars are fairly rare but when they happen they can be extremely brutal
and can wipe out entire clans. Luckily they are often only several dozen
clan warriors fighting each other. If the nomad clans would unite and go to
war the valley would have an another Red Wind on their hands and no proper
elemental god support to stop it this time.
Effects: Allows you to tick some times in combat.
Cream of the crop:
Cost: 1
Berries and other plants are very important part of diet for nomads. Few
nomads who become rangers know how to produce the best and juiciest berries
ever seen.
Effects: Improves your good berries. 
Elemental resonance:
Cost: 2
Spending a life time under the influence of raw elements in the wilds has
made some of the nomads extremely infused with the elements and their very
being resonates with the elemental magics that hold the world together.
Effects: Increases infusion damage according to current phase.  
Fortune finder:
Cost: 1
Countless generations of nomadism has made some of them very good at
scouting the landscape and spotting irregularities in it. These usually are
hidden places made by someone for some reason, often to hide something
valuable. These nomads also have a keen eye when looting their fallen foes
or butchering hunted animals and can find things that other people would
normally miss.
Effects: Increases chance of finding treasures.
Friends in high places:
Cost: 2
B'roghs and firbolgs are gigantic siege towers in combat against most of
the other beings in the valley. Many of them have learned to use their
massive body to help smaller beings fight in combat. It is very easy for
smaller races such as gnomes and halflings to just duck into cover behind
their towering allies and out of harm's way. When you are faced with 5
metes of towering muscle you don't pay that much attention to the small
fries or you will get hit in the face with a tree trunk.
Effects: Your massive bulk provides cover for your smaller party members
giving some natural armor.
Head in the clouds:
Cost: 1
Large races are very hard to stun in general but some are so huge that
actions of mere mortals barely faze them at all.
Effects: Gives partial stun resistance.  
Highland giant:
Cost: 2
Your clan lives in the areas close to the edges of the valley. These places
are wonderlands of ice and snow, with very little to eat or hunt. These
nomads are so one with the coldness of the glaciers and tundra that they
are infused to the core with it and can harness this this innate power in
Effects: Gives you a bonus cold infusion and increases your infusion
Hunter gatherer:
Cost: 1
Fresh meat and herbs don't find their way onto your plate on their own,
sadly. Someone has to go and get them.
Effects: Improves your hunting and gathering luck. 
Lonesome road:
Cost: 1
Many nomads choose to travel alone, but few are forced to do so. In
extremely tight small groups having psionically gifted members can be a
blessing but mostly they are shunned and cast out of the clan due to
concerns about privacy. These castouts are forced to travel alone on their
lonesome road trying to scrounge for survival.
Effects: Increases psionic damage.

Lowland giant:
Cost: 2
Your clan hails from the lowlands of the valley. Life in the lowland plains
is heated and fast paced compared to other members of your race, especially
to those who live in the highlands. This kind of life requires you to be
more quick paced yourself to react to potential threats and what life
throws at you.
Effects: Improves heartbeat. 
Mercenary bodyguard:
Cost: 2
Some nomads wander occasionally to the civilized regions and offer their 
services as bodyguards and mercenaries to people with money or something
that they need. Their services are very much wanted as nothing beats having
5 meters of perfectly carved muscle on your side during negotiations or
while traveling with expensive goods. These nomads are also very skilled
with axes and bludgeoning weapons, which they usually earn with their
mercenary service. Especially metal and magical weapons are what they look
for as those are hard to come by in nomadic life.
Effects: Increases melee damage with axes and bludgeoning weapons. 
Muscle bulwark:
Cost: 2
A mobile wall is every war tacticians wet dream. Nomads who are well versed
in war can provide this service, for a good price. Army of Vaerlon
especially hires these mercenary nomads for this purpose and uses them very
effectively when needed. Having such visible show of power in their army is
often deterrent enough to never have to use them in real combat, although
they are always ready if someone is foolish enough to attack them.
Effects: Provides some alacrity and defiance. 
My other bow is a ballista:
Cost: 2
Size and brute strenght of nomadic races allows them to wield massive
ranged weapons that can tear animals and normal humanoids in half with a
signle shot. This makes them extremely deadly in ranged combat.
Effects: Increases archery damage. 
Natural-born earthshaker:
Cost: 2
All nomadic races are very large mountains of muscle. Many of them aren't
really trained in combat but can be a force to be reckoned with just due
their natural strenght. Some who have actually dedicated some time for
combat have learned how to get most out of their size, strenght and body
mass in combat.
Effects: Maneuvers have an extra chance of stunning victims.
Cost: 1
Scouting while traveling across the valley is extremely important as it
allows you to pick best routes through the landscape, find hunt animals and
avoid dangers. Some nomads are extremely keen-eyed and usually lead their
clans while traveling.
Effects: Improves your scouting. Does not stack with scouting skill. 
One with the nature:
Cost: 2
Living in the wilds has taught you how to perfectly exploit the terrain to
your advantage in combat. This allows you to launch surprise attacks on
unsuspecting victims that never see them coming.
Effects: Increases your momentum chance while outside.  
Projectile tree trunks:
Cost: 2
Throwing weapons of other races are just tooth picks compared to the
throwing weapons of the nomadic weapons. Opposing armies often mistakenly
think that they are being shot with ballistas and other siege weapons when
in reality it is just a b'rogh throwing whole tree trunks at them.
Effects: Improves throwing damage with spears and javelins.
Roughin' it:
Cost: 1
Nomads are used to camping outside in any weather and know how to make any
camping site as good for sleeping as any bed in the world would be.
Effects: Sleeping outside provides you with extra regen.  
Survival rations:
Cost: 1
Slumbering giants is a term often used to describe some of the nomadic
races due to their slow reactions to the surrounding world. Little do they
know about their innate ability to slow down their metabolism to conserve
energy, which is very vital some times when food is scarce.
Effects: Cuts down your hunger and thirst speed considerably.

Trained by harsh conditions:
Cost: 2
Living your whole life in the harshest of conditions builds up character
and thickens your skin. Few cuts and bruises or even broken bones do not
stop you or if you stop you will die.
Effects: Improves your natural armor.  
Wherever I may roam:
Cost: 2
Traveling can broaden your horizons and allows you to experience many
things you would miss by just living in your city or village. Especially
trekking outside allows you to experience life in new light and get the
most out of it.
Effects: Increases your experience rate while outside.
World on your shoulders:
Cost: 1
Most nomadic races are very huge and can carry massive loads on their back
while they travel across the valley. Some of them are very good at packing
their things together and in general are better at carrying the loads
allowing them to carry even more stuff with them. It also allows them to
carry huge loads or heavy armour effortlessly in combat.
Effects: Improves your carrying capacity.