Little people's league

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Guild Info

Little people's league is a loose coalition of communities of brownies, gnomes, halflings, leprechauns, mold men, spell weavers and avans. One thing they have in common is that they are all small people in the world of giants. This common 'enemy' has made them band together and work as united force against bigger threats. This communal unity has made them extremely efficient and effective at tackling different tasks and foes despite their natural disadvantage.



Guild is located at the inn of Village of Highhill.


Available racial abilities are:

 aura finesse                       Cost: 1
 bear the communal cacophony        Cost: 1
 better living through chemicals    Cost: 1
 brothers in arms                   Cost: 2
 champion of the little people      Cost: 2
 communal apothecary                Cost: 1
 conduit of magicks                 Cost: 1
 diminutive skirmisher              Cost: 1
 good food, good life               Cost: 1
 hardened clanmage                  Cost: 2
 intrinsic magic                    Cost: 2
 kins-oath caregiver                Cost: 1
 Leave no stone unturned            Cost: 1
 money is power                     Cost: 2
 not the face!                      Cost: 1
 nutcracker                         Cost: 2
 ouphe ancestry                     Cost: 2
 pack rat                           Cost: 1
 pip-squeak greatheart              Cost: 2
 power from within                  Cost: 2
 sentinel's foresight               Cost: 1
 small and innocent                 Cost: 1
 spellwright                        Cost: 2
 thorn in your foot                 Cost: 1
 undergrowth knight                 Cost: 1
 village idiot                      Cost: 1
 wanderlust                         Cost: 1
 weaver of fables                   Cost: 2
 wizened fisherman                  Cost: 1

Aura finesse:
Cost: 1
Little people's league likes to gather and store magical items for
different purposes. They have specially trained relic keepers who are there
to make sure that the magical items will be in perfect shape when they are
Effects: Halves your item glows decay.   
Bear the communal cacophony:
Cost: 1
Little people tend to make their presence known by the volume of sound they
make because they can't use their size to so. This makes their communities
to be cacophony of sounds and when there is magic also involved it will
drive a normal man insane if they have to stay there for more than couple
of hours. Little people either leave their community and become wanderers
or learn to tune out the background noise, making them somewhat resistant
to magic, psionic and sonic effects.
Effects: Improves your resistance to psionic, magical and sonic damage. 
Better living through chemicals:
Cost: 1
Years of experimenting and using potions have left their effects on some
industrious little people. In stressful situation such as combat they
somehow show symptoms of these 'performance enhancers' even if they haven't
had a drop for a long time.
Effects: At the start of combat you gain random potion effect. 
Brothers in arms:
Cost: 2
Little people are used to fighting side by side with their brothers against
bigger threats. This communal fighting style has made them adept at
spotting openings and opportunities in combat. The more people there are to
create chaos the better for them.
Effects: Increases momentum chance based on party size.  
Champion of the little people:
Cost: 2
Every community has its own champion who represents the community and leads
them in battle. While this task has enormous responsibility the champion
has the support of his whole community behind him and allows him to achieve
greatness through them. The most visible effect of this support is the
champion's ability to fight even the largest giants toe to toe.
Effects: Increases effective size for battle, no real size change. 
Communal apothecary:
Cost: 1
When a lot of people pack together into a small community diseases can
easily spread through the whole community really fast. Every community have
several communal apothecaries who are masters of herbalism and alchemy.
They can quickly make and administer healing herbs and potions when needed.
Effects: Allows you to create 2 potions instead of 1. 
Conduit of magicks:
Cost: 1
Magic is a part of every day life in the little people's communities.
Practically everyone knows at least some magic and uses it somehow to make
their life easier. This causes everyone and everything in those communities
be somehow affected by magic. This is really useful for the spellcasters as
it makes their possessions less hindering for magic use.
Effects: Allows wielding all weapons while spellcasting. 
Diminutive skirmisher:
Cost: 1
Being small and quick allows you to quickly skirt around the battle field
and avoid people's attacks. Often they might just ignore you and engage
someone else who they view to be a bigger threat.
Effects: Allows you to evade attacks in melee combat. 
Good food, good life:
Cost: 1
Communal feasts are the highlite of the year for every small race. Everyone
loves to indulge themselves into massive mountains of food and drinks and
devour some much food that you can roll your friendly gnomes back home.
Effects: Gives you small regen boost when you eat food. 
Hardened clanmage:
Cost: 2
Little people communities are very open to magic use unlike some others
like Vaerlon. This makes their clanmages very good at what they do as the
knowledge is traditionally passed within the community.
Effects: Your wisdom or intelligence improves your natural armor. 
Intrinsic magic:
Cost: 2
Little people are really devout people and their faith for the elemental
gods is unshakeabe. Centuries of communal faith practice have made them
very adept at seeing how the elemental powers influence the world and how
to harness this godly power for their own magicks.
Effects: Infusions work on spells.
Kins-oath caregiver:
Cost: 1
Communal apothecaries are the ones who create medicine for the communities
but the kins-oath caregivers are the ones who actually administer the
medicine and tend the sick and wounded. They have taken a communal oath to
try to preserve lives of their community by any means necessary, even if it
takes their own life. They are highly venerated in the communities because
of this.
Effects: Allows using embrace of vitae more often.
Leave no stone unturned:
Cost: 1
When you have spent your whole life having to struggle through the
undergrowth when trekking through the wilds it makes it easier for you to
spot plants that would otherwise go unnoticed.
Effects: Allows you to find additional herbs when gathering.  
Money is power:
Cost: 2
Many of the smaller races are known as good merchants and money makers,
especially the leprechauns seem to have a knack of this and run most of the
banking businesses in the valley. Having a lot of money saved is a matter
of pride for many and knowing that you have valuables worth of millions
saved can be empowering, literally.
Effects: Increases your spell damage according to your bank balance. 
Not the face!:
Cost: 1
No one likes to get hit in the head, especially by a club size of a tree
trunk. Small races especially are used to this and have learned to avoid
getting hit in the head or neck by their foes and instead try to re-direct
that hit to less vital part of their body.
Effects: Attempts to redirect melee neck/head hits to elsewhere. 
Cost: 2
Being knee high in combat can some times be to your great advantage as it
allows you a clear path to attack certain strategic parts in your
opponent's body and inflict some pain that even his grandchildren will
still be able to feel.
Effects: Additional melee damage against larger enemies. Requires
diminutive skirmisher.
Ouphe ancestry:
Cost: 2
Ouphes are small a small fairy race that some what resembles goblins and
other small races. Some times their blood mixes with other small races to
create offshoots that inherit their affinity with magic.
Effects: Gives you a chance to block spells.  
Pack rat:
Cost: 1
Some little people are experts at packing massive loads of stuff into their
pockets and bags and still they are some how able to haul that load with
them. Especially the merchants often resemble moving balls of merchandise
more than gnomes and leprechauns.
Effects: Increases your carrying capacity.
Pip-squeak greatheart:
Cost: 2
Selection of weapons that small reason can lift and wield are usually
fairly limited and one of the reasons why so many of them have devoted
their lives for magic instead. Certain individuals on the other hand have
dedicated their lives to use weapons that are normally wielded by bigger
Effects: Increases effective size for wielding.
Power from within:
Cost: 2
Little people are great believers in inner power and when there are magical
items that change that inner power they are extremely adept at harnessing
the full power of that magical change.
Effects: Infusions give you 1 spell damage per point instead of 0.5.
Requires conduit of magicks. 
Sentinel's foresight:
Cost: 1
Little people's league trains sentinels to watch over the communities and
serve as an early warning system that alerts them about possible threats.
While normal lookouts are just scanning the horizon enemy movements, the
sentinels are also trained to spot magical threats.
Effects: Allows you to see your opponent's spellcasting. 
Small and innocent:
Cost: 1
Small races are often viewed as children by the bigger races. Some of them
started to take advantage of this view and abuse it to their own personal
gain. No one would ever suspect that this small 'child' murdered that
person and stole those valuables.
Effects: Halves the negative reputation gain. 
Cost: 2
Small races are known from their nimble fingers but their minds are also
quick and they can often out think many of the larger races. This gives
them an edge in spell casting also as they are able to make more use out of
thaumaturgy by being able process the magical energies faster.
Effects: Thaumaturgy stat is more effective for you. 
Thorn in your foot:
Cost: 1
Small blades have always been the favourite weapon for small races as they
can make really ugly damage really fast when you slash your opponents leg
tendons into shred and then proceed to stab them repeatedly into the chest
while they lie helplessly on the ground. They also tend to be just the
right size for them because they do not have the necessary weight behind
their hits to be that effective with bludgeoning weapons and their spears
tend to be size of a tooth pick.
Effects: Bonus melee damage when using swords.
Undergrowth knight:
Cost: 1
Knights are a force to be reckoned with on the battle field. But if you are
a foot high and riding a dog you might be just a tad less impressive. Small
size on the other hand gives you a great advantage of being able to ride to
places where bigger mounts and people can't. Small mounts are minotaur
lizard, graemorian white tiger, wolf, riding dog, goat, mule, pony, fire
lizard, giant spider, giant beetle and boar.
Effects: Allows you to ride small mounts anywhere. 
Village idiot:
Cost: 1
Every community has their own village idiots. Often they are just crazed
madmen but some times there is a reason to their madness and hidden power
in it.
Effects: Increases potency of psychic disciplines and coven psionics 
Cost: 1
Communal life is not for everyone. Social pressure drives few little people
every now and then to leave their community and travel the world in search
of new life. This wanderlust gives them strength to power through the
wilds. It is also fairly common that the wanderlust runs out and after
stealing dragon's treasure or throwing a ring to a volcano they return back
Effects: Reduces ep cost of moving in ow considerably.
Weaver of fables:
Cost: 2
Storytelling is how most of the tradition is passed within communities
around the valley. Little people are especially skilled at weaving these
fables and often utilize magic and illusions to colour their stories even
further. This magic weaving skill makes spell casting fairly effortless
task for those who have mastered it.
Effects: Allows you to cast spells some times at half cost. 
Wizened fisherman:
Cost: 1
Fishing is the favourite past time in the little people communities when
they aren't toying dangerously with magic and trying to explode half of the
village meanwhile. The best fishing spots are a well-kept secret within the
communites and only shared to the most wizened fishermen.
Effects: Improves your fishing luck.