Slumdogs of czardom

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Guild Info

Slums of Graemor and other cities are terrible place to grow up and many don't even get a chance to grow up before their life is taken away by some random passerby who doesn't give a single thought about the poor lad's life before he brutally murders him and robs everything he owns, or worse. This kind of living conditions nurture very 'specially' skilled people who excel at backstabbing everyone and stealing their possessions, in addition to many other traits that are not wanted in other societies. Czardom on the other hand doesn't really want to change the 'survival of the fittest' nature of its slums because the top dogs of the slums are prime canditates for many jobs needed to make the Czardom run smoothly.



It is located in located in the slums of Graemor.


Available racial abilities are:

 agent of chaos                     Cost: 1
 angst-ridden                       Cost: 1
 black widow                        Cost: 1
 blessed by umbra                   Cost: 2
 blood oath                         Cost: 1
 cloak and dagger                   Cost: 2
 czar's chosen                      Cost: 1
 daywalker                          Cost: 1
 death touch                        Cost: 1
 eye for an eye                     Cost: 2
 fight club                         Cost: 2
 free radical                       Cost: 1
 lady killer                        Cost: 1
 leg bone is connected to...        Cost: 1
 loot and pillage                   Cost: 2
 merchant of death                  Cost: 1
 only finest silk                   Cost: 2
 out of sight, out of mind          Cost: 1
 peerless juggler                   Cost: 2
 penumbra anarchist                 Cost: 2
 pit fighter                        Cost: 1
 scandalmonger                      Cost: 1
 shieldbearer                       Cost: 1
 snake eater                        Cost: 1
 spy games                          Cost: 1
 tunnel runner                      Cost: 1
 warmonger                          Cost: 2
 xenophobia                         Cost: 2

Agent of chaos:
Cost: 1
Some men just like to watch world burn. They are the agents of chaos,
bowing allegiance to no one and are ready to take arms in any conflict,
often against both sides of the fight, just to create more chaos. Their
combat styles are extremely chaotic and hard to follow making them very
deadly foes to meet in the battle field.
Effects: Increases chance of succession moves.
Cost: 1
Brooding out-look to life is the most common view on life in the slums of
the Czardom. Life is short and gloomy and can end at any time for any of
the silliest reasons. Cold, dark, extremely long winters don't really help
either and has made especially the youth very bitter and angst-ridden. Some
times some of them find a good way to channel this angst for something
Effects: Gives more fury and hatred. 
Black widow:
Cost: 1
Dark elf maidens are notorious for being deadly black widows who prey on
weak men for wealth, power and other things. They often travel outside of
the Czardom to exploit clueless men of other kingdoms. After a while they
get bored to these men and use their deadly ways to assassinate them and
get rid of them while taking their money and power back to the Czardom.
Effects: Increases melee damage done to male humanoids. Must be female.
Blessed by umbra:
Cost: 2
While the main elemental priesthoods, especially Earth, are the main
religion in the Czardom many turn to other powers to secure their place in
the harsh world. Many turn to the forgotten dark gods who lurk in the
shadows between the worlds and are ready to grant their power to any
foolish enough mortal to approach them. Some of these shadow gods have even
managed to secure strong foothold in Graemor such as Shadowdancers.
Effects: Spell impulses produce the effect twice.
Blood oath:
Cost: 1
Vampires openly walk the streets of the Czardom in plain sight of everyone
and do business with lesser beings. This openness has made some mortals to
form blood oaths with them to further their business with them and in
exchange these vampires have taught some of their tricks with the blood
magic to them.
Effects: Makes blood drain more effective. 
Cloak and dagger:
Cost: 2
Back alleys of cities see a lot of fighting happening in them. Some people
are extremely skilled in fighting in these situations. They use their
daggers and knives to utmost perfection and can harness even their clothing
as a tool of war to evade incoming attacks by blinding the attacker
momentarily with their cloak.
Effects: Increases your damage with daggers and knives and allows you to
use your cloak as a defensive weapon.  
Czar's chosen:
Cost: 1
Psionicists are seen as insane madmen in most of the valley, but in Czardom
they are seen as valuable members of the society, although still insane
ones. Infecti trials held in the now abandoned mental institute in the
central parts of the valley were machinated by some of the noble families
of Czardom to create new kind of power to fight other families and for the
throne of Czardom. Their goal was to create a perfect mindbender who would
bend all living beings to his will. They didn't succeed to create this
psionicist but they did manage to create something, the Czar Kerzgheld, who
is an ultimate empath. Every mind in his vicinity are open books to him and
he can know person's actions before the person himself knows he's going to
do them. This makes him an impossible target for assassins and any power
play in the Czardom as he sees through all lies and trickery. He also runs
retinue of psionic warriors who constantly watch over him and are
completely mindmelded with each other, Kerzgheld being the center of it
all. Bodies of the retinue are just extensions of his own body and he
wields them at terrible efficiency as seen during his coup for the throne
of Czardom.
Effects: Increases potency of psychic and telekinetic disciplines. Also
improves coven psionics 
Cost: 1
Most dark elves prefer the night and gloomy indoors but few of them have to
work outside for various purpose. While most of them travel and work during
the night some have developed a tolerance to the sunlight and can now
perform normally in the day light without any effects from the usual
Effects: Removes light allergy.  
Death touch:
Cost: 1
Some people have toyed so much with poisons that their very touch has
become deadly. Their masterful knowledge of poisons allows them to
constantly carry a personal supply with them that they can employ in combat
when attacking their foes with different combat maneuver.
Effects: All maneuvers have a chance of poisoning opponents. Requires snake
Eye for an eye:
Cost: 2
An eye for an eye is the creed of the slums. No one is there to hold your
hand when life kicks you in the nuts. Aggression in the slums is usually
met with double the force and decades of retribution and grudges.
Effects: When you are hit by a melee crit your next hit will be a crit.  
Fight club:
Cost: 2
Mahrakc runs the largest fighting arena in the valley but there are
numerous other smaller pit figths and fight clubs every where, especially
in the slums. In the fight clubs its usually the fastest and cleverest who
win, not the brawn. This makes the succesful fighters extremely nimble and
quick with their fists and can kill any man in a blink of an eye with their
bare hands.
Effects: Faster unarmed attacks. Requires agent of chaos.
Free radical:
Cost: 1
Magic is not regulated practically at all in the Czardom compared to the
Valkor. Many of the magic users roam free in the lands and use it as they
please to further their nefarious plans. Slums get their fair share of
magic users too who wield it in combat against other gangs. Many of magic
users are mercenaries who offer their knowledge to any gang who pays the
price, which can often change in the middle of combat.
Effects: Some momentums are sp free. 
Lady killer:
Cost: 1
Wife beaters can be found all around the valley but only selected twisted
people make a living out of it. They know how to hurt a lady where it hurts
the most and can torture them for hours before giving them the sweet
release of death. While other societies would very likely execute these
people on the spot, the Czardom has room for all kinds of 'talent'.
Effects: Increases melee damage done to female humanoids. Must be male.
Leg bone is connected to...:
Cost: 1
The foot bone is connected to the leg bone.
The leg bone is connected to the knee bone.
The knee bone is connected to the thigh bone.
Doin' the skeleton dance.
The thigh bone is connected to the hip bone.
The hip bone is connected to the backbone.
the backbone is connected to the neck bone.
Doin' the skeleton dance.
Effects: Improves vicissitude, first aid and chirurgy. 
Loot and pillage:
Cost: 2
Gangs of the slums engage into a fast paced warfare where they attack each
other's turfs and quickly loot and pillage what they can. This turn into
marauding warbands later on who terrorize the countryside village for their
plunder. Knowing how to find the treasures and how to haul as much loot as
possible back home is a key to this life style, also knowing how to rape
and pillage doesn't hurt either.
Effects: Increases carrying capacity and chance to find treasures. 
Merchant of death:
Cost: 1
When your neighbourhood is in constant state of gang warfare and other
violence weapons and armours are priceless goods to around. And you are
happy to provide them what they need and know how to sweet talk people into
buying a butter knife at the price of a two-handed sword.
Effects: Selling weapons and armours is more profitable.
Only finest silk: 
Cost: 2
Chitinium silk is fairly common in most parts of the valley and choice of
material for many fighters and nobility due to its lightness and protective
qualities. It is also extremely beautiful when woven correctly. The finest
silk can be found in the chitine hive in the Czardoms who use it themselves
and sell it to the noble families. There is also a skill to wearing
chitinium silk, which only selected few know. These people are able to draw
even more protection from this material than others while wearing it.
Effects: Chitinium silk and regular silk gives natural ac.
Out of sight, out of mind:
Cost: 1
City guard of the Czardom is extremely brutal and has no pity, especially
for the people of the slums. Being noticed will get you into trouble or
killed. Skill of not being notice is extremely valuable and some have
become really masterful in it and can pass guards totally unseen and
Effects: Guards ignore you. 
Peerless juggler:
Cost: 2
Juggling is a common timepasser of choice in Czardom for young people as it
teaches them dexterity and handling of weapons. Some become extremely
skilled with these daggers and other throwing weapons and can use them with
deadly accuracy effortlessly in combat, even in close combat melee.
Effects: Allows more uncanny throws and some times ep free throws.  
Penumbra anarchist:
Cost: 2
Few slumdogs learn to live on their own in the slums and have no permanent
ties to any of the gangs, groups or noble families. They have pledged
themselves to the shadowy dark gods and are empowered by them as they lurk
in the edge of shadows for unsuspecting people who they sacrifice to their
dark masters.
Effects: Melee attacks can give bonus spell impulses. 
Pit fighter:
Cost: 1
Pits are a good way to earn good living fast in the Czardom, although not
the most safest way to do so. Noble families sponsor fighters and provide
beasts to fight against in the pits. Speed is one of the most important
things for a pit fighter as it allows you to kill your foe before being
skewered by a spear or being eaten by a manticore.
Effects: Celerity is more effective for you.
Cost: 1
Scandalmongers are very special type of persons. They have made pacts with
some of the shadow gods and revel in scandals and anger of others. Their
spite and anger serve as fuel to magic of the scandalmongers, which allows
the create even more mischief and loathing.
Effects: Low reputations increases your spell damage. 
Cost: 1
Some youths escape the slums of Czardom and head south to the city of
Cenedoiss. In there it is common to become a shieldbearer for the seaguard
or the private armies of the noble families. Many of these shieldbearers
later on become full members of the seaguard or find new life under the
roof of grand temple of Water.
Effects: Increases effective size for shield wielding.  
Snake eater:
Cost: 1
Raw power is usually not the tool of choice in Czardom. It generates open
warfare which can be too taxing to your noble family or group and make it a
target to some other family or group to prey upon. Because of this many
deal with poisons and assassinations to further their means. After playing
with poisons and toxic substances many have gained some tolerance against
them and some have even willingly subjected themselves to these poisons to
be able to withstand them when they one day find such poisons in their
Effects: Poison and acid resistance.
Spy games:
Cost: 1
Czardom runs spies everywhere. Anyone you meet can be an agent of the Czar.
This makes it hard to some times distinguish between friend and foe and in
confusion you might mistake actions of an enemy spy as beneficial act to
your community.
Effects: When gaining negative reputation you some times gain positive
reputation instead.  
Tunnel runner:
Cost: 1
Life in the slums and in general area of Czardom is hard and usually
located in tight spaces and tunnels inside the mountain. This has made its
citizens very adept at fighting in close quarters inside dark tunnels and
shady rooms and they have learned to use this urban underground landscape
to their advantage in combat.
Effects: Increased momentum chance while indoors.
Cost: 2
While the Czardom doesn't openly engage other kingdoms and cities in
warfare, at least not at the moment, there are numerous very bloodthirsty
warmongers living in it that would love to wage war against all
neighbouring regions and force them under the oppressive iron fist of the
Effects: Increases melee damage with spears and axes. 
Cost: 2
All races of the Czardom are xenophobic in varying degrees. If you don't
look like everyone else it's quite common to find a dagger in your back
just for that reason. They barely tolerate each and only because of
benefits they gain from not being openly hostile against each other. What
goes on in the shadows is a totally different matter.
Effects: Increases melee damage against humanoids.