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Beholders are globular, carnivorous and floating creatures known for their cunning and aggressiveness. They were considered to be just a myth, but recently several beholders have surfaced from their hidden underground lairs. Surprisingly, most of them did not live up to their name, seeking refuge instead of a fight. A beholder's spherical body can be up to 3 meters in diameter, and on top of it are up to ten small eyestalks, while in its central area are a large central eye and a mouth filled with pointed teeth. They do not have legs or arms, but have psionic powers of telekinesis, allowing them to float around slowly and manipulate objects. The body of a beholder is protected by a hard, chitinous covering, but the eyes are not equally well protected and are rather vulnerable. Each eye of a beholder can perform a magical function, making these beings a powerful yet hateful force. Beholders are solitary creatures, but occasionally form clans to achieve a common goal. Sometimes a beholder is born with less than the normal number of eyes, or some of the eyes not working properly. These handicapped beholders are either killed or exiled by the clan, forcing the rejected ones to seek the company of other races. Mages sometimes employ them as guards or subjects of magical experiments, but there also tales of adventuring beholders with unusually good social skills. Even then they find it very hard to gain a respectable reputation in the eyes of others due to the malign behaviour of the race in general.

Beholders are naturally adept in using telekinesis and gain extra effectiveness on telekinetic disciplines.


Strength       8     
Dexterity      8
Constitution   4 
Intelligence   4     
Wisdom         4  
Charisma       8   
Size           Large 


 Endurance point regen    average  
 Hit point regen          average  
 Spell point regen        superb

Other Stats:

 Experience gain rate     high (92%)
 Ability to see in light  average  
 Heartbeat rate           very fast
 Ability to see in dark   MAXIMAL

Special Abilities:

 Reputation penalty
 Carnivorous digestion
 Natural armour
 They have a lifespan of approximately 35 years.


3 ear slots
1 cloak slots 
2 belt slots
2 miscellaneous slots
1 clothes slots
1 amulet slots
5 arm slots
5 finger slots
1 head slots.

Racial Guilds:

Cult of the devourer, Slumdogs of czardom