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The Saerka are strange creatures, usually living very near the main volcanos of the valley. They are slightly taller than humans, and have tan, quite thick skin, black piercing eyes, crimson red hair and in their back, two great leathery black wings. They can be seen flying around the volcanos at night-time, guarding their territory and attacking anything that comes close to their habitats in the edges of these fire-spitting pits. In the process of living close to the hot flames, they have grown to be quite resistant against fire. Their bodies are quite lean, with clawed hands and feet.

A rumour goes by that the Saerka were once the guardians and creations of the great dragon Alzurienchamal, but apparently if you suggest so to one of the Saerka, you will probably end up dead, they are very secretive about their origins, but it is written that they appeared around the same time than the great dragon was finally defeated.

The Saerka's weapon of choice is a bow, usually a short recurve bow that gives them ability to shoot accurately while flying. Training of young Saerka in the art of archery starts very early and thus every Saerka has a great ability with the bow, their rituals making them the best archers in the valley, despite their fairly mediocre physical abilities.


Strength       5     
Dexterity      3
Constitution   5 
Intelligence   8     
Wisdom         7  
Charisma       7   
Size           Somewhat Large


 Spell point regen        mediocre
 Endurance point regen    useful
 Hit point regen          moderate

Other Stats:

 Heartbeat rate           slow
 Experience gain rate     high (92%)
 Ability to see in light  basic   
 Ability to see in dark   MAXIMAL

Special Abilities:

Carnivorous Digestion
Uncanny Precision
Adequate natural resistance against fire damage.
They have a lifespan of approximately 40 years.


4 finger slots
1 amulet slots
2 hand slots
1 torso slots
1 head slots
2 arm slots
1 miscellaneous slots
4 ear slots
2 leg slots
1 neck slots
1 belt slots
1 clothes slots.

Racial Guilds: Cult of the devourer,Slumdogs of czardom