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Guild Info

As the cancuns/Thri-Kreen age they begin to show signs of their inhereted bloodline and change into a different kind of beings than they used to be or grow new parts into their bodies. There's no way of telling what one is going to before he reaches adulthood and re-joins the hive as these inherited traits are latent before this event. This mutation process is painful for many of the cancuns/Thri-Kreen and some of them die in the process. Also some of the mutations might turn them into horrible monstrosities that are shunned by the hive and driven out of it or killed. The hive is the source of all these highly developed cancuns/Thri-Kreens, which are commonly seen leading their communities.


| Skill name                      |  1|  2|  3|  4|  5|
| brawling                        | 20| 40| 60| 80|100|
| unarmed fighting                | 20| 40| 60| 80|100|



Both hives have been combined into one, which can be found in the Province of Rise.


Available mutations are:

 adrenal glands                  Cost: 2 
 assault juggernaut              Cost: 2 
 bombardier beetle               Cost: 2 
 caustic blood                   Cost: 1 
 chameleonic skin                Cost: 3 
 corrosive virulence             Cost: 1 
 echolocation                    Cost: 2 
 enhanced vision                 Cost: 1 
 extended carapace               Cost: 2 
 feeder tendrils                 Cost: 2 
 fortune finder                  Cost: 1 
 gastric acid                    Cost: 1 
 hive queen                      Cost: 2 
 hivemind receptor               Cost: 1 
 hulking figure                  Cost: 1 
 magi genus                      Cost: 2 
 mantis warrior                  Cost: 2 
 nimble limbs                    Cost: 2 
 overdeveloped cortex            Cost: 2 
 power nap                       Cost: 1 
 reinforced chitin               Cost: 2 
 scything talons                 Cost: 2 
 survivalists                    Cost: 1 
 thorny spine                    Cost: 2 
 toxic sacs                      Cost: 1 
 unnatural muscle growth         Cost: 2 

Adrenal glands:
Cost: 2
On the back of a Mantis sub-species there is some times a relatively large,
rugged bulging organ that secretes and hosts a powerful adrenaline-like
substance, that is released into the blood stream in a stressful situation,
allowing them to carry on a lot longer than any normal being would be able
Effects: Reduces endurance loss from melee.
Assault juggernaut:
Cost: 2
You belong to the Mantis sub-species used in all-out frontal attacks.
Large, immensely strong and well armoured, smaller weapons simply patter
off your thick carapace while you remain fully capable of crushing anyone
standing in your way. You cannot take this mutation if you have magi genus
or hivemind receptor mutation. You cannot take this mutation unless you
have hulking figure.
Effects: Increases size & natural armor even more.
Bombardier beetle:
Cost: 2
You are mutated mantis subspecies who has been developed into a powerful,
living long range weapon. You naturally generate two highly volatile
chemicals within specialised organs and shoot them through your body. You
cannot take this mutation unless you have nimble limbs mutation.
Effects: Increases damage with bows and crossbow. 
Caustic blood:
Cost: 1
Blood of the certain races is highly corrosive when it comes into contact
with open air, quickly eating through metal, flesh and bone. These
individuals themselves are relatively resistant to the corrosive effect of
their own blood, also the sweat generated by these oddities seems to
protect their items from the corroding effects of the acid blood.
Effects: Makes your blood highly corrosive. Also gives you bonus acid
infusion and increases your resistance against acid damage. 
Chameleonic skin:
Cost: 3
Some of the species that have lived centuries in the forests have developed
an ability to change colour of their carapace and skin, allowing them to
blend in the surrounding woods perfectly. Chameleons are one of the most
rarest mutants as their odd ability is shunned by all communities and
though to be a bad omen, which is why they are usually killed as soon as
they show signs of having the ability.
Effects: Lowers your chances of being noticed in the wild and gives 
you a slight bonus to hunting related skills.
Corrosive virulence:
Cost: 1
Certain cancuns and thri-kreens are so poisonous that their poison eats it
way directly through the skin and bone and more or less just melts their
prey instead of slowly poisoning it to death. You cannot take this mutation
unless you have toxic sacs mutation.
Effects: Turns some of your poisonous attacks into acid.
Cost: 2
Few of the bombardier beetle subspecies have developed cricothyroid muscle
inside their larynx which makes them able to emit ultrasonic sounds to
produce echoes of their surroundings. This allows them to detect, localise,
and classify their prey even in total darkness. Some of the
bombardier-beetles have learned to use this as an offensive power imbueing
their ranged attacks with ultrasonic sounds. You cannot take this mutation
unless you have bombardier beetle mutation.
Effects: Gives ability to see even in total darkness, and allows you to use
'echolocate at target' command.
Enhanced vision:
Cost: 1
Some species have developed a more sensitive eyes, or extra pair of eyes
that allows them to perceive in light that usually is either too dark or
too bright from them. Thri-kreens are especially known to be poor sighted
in darkness and cancuns have serious problems seeing in bright light.
Effects: Allows you to see better in darkness and bright lit areas.
Extended carapace:
Cost: 2
After centuries of fighting several thri-kreens have developed an extended
carapace that protects the vulnerable parts of their body, especially some
joints, their abdomen and head. This is really a true sign of the survival
of the fittest that seems to be important part of both of the thri-kreen
and cancun cultures. Only thri-kreen may choose this mutation. You cannot
take this mutation unless you have reinforced chitin mutation.
Effects: Reduces damage taken to vulnerable areas of a thri-kreen.
Feeder tendrils:
Cost: 2
Few small writhing tendrils surround the mouth of certain Mantis
sub-species. These tendrils are highly developed tasting organs that are
able to pierce skin of a creature and drain vital juices from it. These
juices are quickly introduced into the blood stream, rejunevating the
cancun or thri-kreen a bit. The tendrils are relatively small and
ineffective in combat so they can be only used on corpses effectively.
Effects: Allows you to feed on corpses to regain your endurance.
Fortune finder:
Cost: 1
Your eyes are very good in spotting shiny things, and thus you tend to find 
more treasures than your average drone!
Effects: Increases your chance of finding treasures.
Gastric acid:
Cost: 1
Small group of Mantis sub-species have evolved in the way that their blood,
body, and stomach acids are highly corrosive. Their intestines hold much
stronger inner lining, protecting themselves from their strong stomach acid
that digests practically anything, killing most bacteria found in even
contaminated food. You cannot take this mutation unless you have caustic
blood mutation.
Effects: Protect you from hazards of possibly contamined food and liquids.
Hive queen:
Cost: 2
You have been born to the top tier of collective mantis hierarchy, and you
are bizarrely shaped colossal specimen, apparenty defenseless but anyone
who assumes you are totally defenseless may not live to realise you command
massive psychic powers in your impressive but utterly alien telepathic
mind. You cannot take this mutation unless you have hivemind receptor
Effects: Increases potency and strength of psychic and telekinetic
disciplines. Also increases psionic spell damage.
Hivemind receptor:
Cost: 1
Certain individuals are highly receptive to the whims of the hivemind. This
longened exposure to the massive psychic energies have altered the brains
of these cancuns and thri-kreens in ways that is unseen in their normal
relatives. Their mind is able to harness and utilize vast psychic powers.
Most of these offshoots are descendants of the ones that fled the mental
hospital that experimented on psychic abilities and was eventually overrun
by the experimented beings themselves. In this mental hospital now resides
a group that calls themselves Infecti psionicists. Many of these
psychically capable cancuns and thri-kreens still have some ties to that
group and seek their teachings to control their twisted minds as eventhough
they gain at least part of their power from their hivemind, they are
subject to the insanity that follows all the races trying to use psychic
Effects: Allows you to use psychic powers.
Hulking figure:
Cost: 1
In the constant battles between the races size does matter and often a lot.
This has led into gigantic inviduals of both races that can be seen
towering over their smaller relatives in the heat of battle.
Effects: Increases your size. 
Magi genus:
Cost: 2
Small group of Mantis sub-species have evolved in ways that has made them
more intelligent and able to control the minds in the hive. Descendants
offew early hive-queens who experimented with help of the infecti, led into
this weird breed of species. This breed is slightly more fragile than
others from sames races, but are able to control devastating psychic
powers, reason which they are feared and still esteemed in their community.
You cannot take this mutation if you have assault juggernaut mutation.
Effects: Changes your stat costs. Increases your spell damage to everything
else expect psionic spell damage.
Mantis warrior:
Cost: 2
You belong to the main fighting force of the Mantis kingdom. Adaptable for
virtually any climate, your kind is easily bred, tremendously strong and
incredibly resilient. You can tear an armoured man in half and remain in
hibernation for months, creating Mantis colonies capable of instant
defense. You cannot take this mutation unless you have adrenal glands and
unnatural muscle growth mutations.
Effects: Enhances Cancuns 'Lightning speed' race bonus, adds it to
Thri-kreen and Chitine.
Nimble limbs:
Cost: 2
In the ancient days both of the races rarely used any weapons except their
natural ridges and reaperclaws in battle, but after centuries of mutations
and experiments has led into a breed that is superior in usage of ranged
weapons. Cancuns & thrikreen that are usually poor at handling complex
weapons are now able to use all ranged weapons with ease.
Effects: Reduces ep cost of shooting/reloading with ranged weapons.
Overdeveloped cortex:
Cost: 2
Cortex of the few magi genus and hivemind receptors has become highly
adaptive to the powers of the hivemind. This allows them to harness psychic
energy more effectively and regain their own lost powers. You cannot take
this mutation unless you have magi genus or hivemind receptor mutation.
Effects: Increases your spell point regeneration if you have magi genus.
Increases your psychic point regeneration rate if you have hivemind
Power nap:
Cost: 1
Members of the Mantis sub-species look different compared to normal
humanoids and are often hated and hunted by everyone else. Having enemies
wherever you go, you have adopted a way to rest whenever you have the
chance. This gives you an ability to take the benefit of decent rest out of
any short periods of available sleep.
Effects: Shortens your sleeping time.
Reinforced chitin:
Cost: 2
Chitinous plates cover Mantis sub-species bodies, but some of them have
evolved in a way that their chitinous plates are much more thicker and
stronger. Some of them are rumoured to have chitinous plates as strong as
steel and almost inpenetrable by mortal means.
Effects: Increases your natural armor.
Scything talons:
Cost: 2
Both the cancun and the thri-kreen races excel in unarmed combat where they
use only their natural weapons to fight each other. This has led into
individuals which have developed a pair of extra arms that end into large
scythe like talons, sharp as a razorblade and as deadly as any forged
weapon. These new limbs do not have any fingers or anything resembling them
and cannot handle anything, they are solely meant for combat purposes in
which they use them readily against any foe that is foolish enough to get
caught in their way. Only thri-kreen and cancun may choose this mutation.
Effects: Makes your natural weapons more effective in combat. 
Cost: 1
You've learned to survive in the nature, and you also know how to protect
and keep yourself warm when needed.
Effects: This increases your cold resistance and defiance.
Thorny spine:
Cost: 2
Few members of the hive have grown large and strong spikes that cover most
of their bodies. These spikes are formed from the chitinous plates and are
extremely strong. Fighting against these spiked individuals is very lethal
as they readily use the spikes as weapons in combat by crushing against
their foes with their spikes.
Effects: Protects your body with sharp spikes.
Toxic sacs:
Cost: 1
Some of the cancuns have toxic sacs growing on their reaperclaws. In battle
these sacs secrete virulent poisons that cover the reaperclaws. Also some
spiked Mantis sub-species known to have similar sacs, although smaller, at
the base of their spikes. Thri-kreens have also grown toxic sacs into their
mouths and are able to inject paralyzing poisons on unsuspecting victims
that they manage to bite with their deadly jaws.
Effects: Turns your natural weapons and spikes poisonous. Also increases
your poison resistance.
Unnatural muscle growth:
Cost: 2
Living with the rule 'only the most fittest survive' has caused many
alterations in all Mantis sub-species. One of the most common of these so
called mutations is unnaturally extensive muscular growth that makes them
into walking death of bulging muscle..
Effects: Increases effective size for wielding.