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The thri-kreens are a race of large, intelligent insects. A mature thri-kreen is about two meters tall. Thri-kreens have six limbs, of which the lower four are used for walking. The two front limbs are more fragile than the two sturdier rear legs used for walking and leaps. The other two end in two-fingered hands with which they can grip objects quite hard. Thri-kreens usually keep their arms folded in an awkward way, because underneath both of their forearms is a spiny ridge that be used as a weapon if the need arises. Their bodies are covered with a hard, green exoskeleton. They have two compound eyes and two antennas, which help them move around in darkness. Thri-kreens can inject a paralyzing venom into an opponent by biting her.

Thri-kreens live as nomads, having no permanent villages or cities. They move around in small groups of clannish nature, but do not fight each other under normal circumstances. The thri-kreens usually wander around in desert, savannahs and plains, hunting for their food. They are a very warrior-like race with strict rules of honour. Their swords, the tziraans, are much sought after by warriors of every race, and thri-kreen warriors can wield their tziraans with deadly accuracy. However, they cannot handle other weapons with equal ease because of their two-fingered hands.


Strength       4     
Dexterity      4
Constitution   5 
Intelligence   5     
Wisdom         8  
Charisma       8   
Size           Somewhat Large


 Spell point regen        basic
 Endurance point regen    moderate
 Hit point regen          intermediate

Other Stats:

 Heartbeat rate           slow
 Experience gain rate     good (90%)
 Ability to see in light  good   
 Ability to see in dark   intermediate

Special Abilities:

Natural Armour
They have a lifespan of approximately 45 years.


2 finger slots
1 amulet slots
1 torso slots
1 head slots
2 arm slots
4 foot slots
1 miscellaneous slots
2 ear slots
4 leg slots
1 neck slots 
1 belt slots
2 cloak slots.

Racial Guilds:

Hive,Civilized city dwellers