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Guild Info

Cities gather a lot of different kind of people into them. Having huge workforce allows people to specialize in their chosen craft instead of trying to be jack-of-all-trades. Concentration of wealth also draws in some shady people who can easily conceal themselves into the masses and work on their 'craft'. While these city dwellers consider themselves as the most civilized people in the valley many outsiders consider city life to be absolute chaos.



It is located near the Tavern of Thousand Tales in Vaerlon.


Available racial abilities are:

 brown noser                        Cost: 1
 cloak and dagger                   Cost: 2
 commanding personality             Cost: 1
 devouted layman                    Cost: 2
 drunken master                     Cost: 1
 escaped mental patient             Cost: 1
 exorcist                           Cost: 2
 graceful sniper                    Cost: 2
 hedge knight                       Cost: 1
 insider's knowledge                Cost: 1
 knight in shining armour           Cost: 2
 license to carry                   Cost: 1
 lightning riposte                  Cost: 2
 liquid bread                       Cost: 1
 magnetic personality               Cost: 3
 manamorphose                       Cost: 2
 militia javelineer                 Cost: 2
 noble family                       Cost: 1
 pitch-fork militia                 Cost: 2
 pride of the god squad             Cost: 1
 rabble rouser                      Cost: 1
 run'n'gun                          Cost: 2
 shock troops                       Cost: 2
 skilled spellsword                 Cost: 1
 street fighter                     Cost: 2
 sword dancer                       Cost: 2
 tavern bruiser                     Cost: 2
 unscrupulous opportunist           Cost: 1
Brown noser:
Cost: 1
Some individuals are very good with their tongue and act properly in
certain situations to take advantage of other people and alter their view
of them to be more positive than it actually is. These people usually get
far in different organizations without actually having any merit to do so.
Effects: Increases your positive reputation gain. 
Cloak and dagger:
Cost: 2
Back alleys of cities see a lot of fighting happening in them. Some people
are extremely skilled in fighting in these situations. They use their
daggers and knives to utmost perfection and can harness even their clothing
as a tool of war to evade incoming attacks by blinding the attacker
momentarily with their cloak.
Effects: Increases your damage with daggers and knives and allows you to
use your cloak as a defensive weapon. 
Commanding personality:
Cost: 1
Some people have a certain aura of authority and presence around them. When
these people command others around their orders are clear and precise,
making them easy for their underlings to execute, even if they are total
novices in warfare.
Effects: Improves and makes your army orders and gaesati roars faster. Also
helps with some sorcerer magicks.
Effect depends on the order/roar.
Devouted layman:
Cost: 2
While many city dwellers are fairly free thinking and don't really care
about religious babble of the priesthoods there are still many who are very
devouter layman members of their priesthoods. These people believe that
they are chosen by the gods and some how they seem to be able to harness
elemental mana better than others.
Effects: You gain spell damage based on your worshipped element. 
Drunken master:
Cost: 1
Usually alcohol has negative on people when fighting but certain people
have mastered the art of drunken fighting. Alcohol dulls the pain and
allows them to smash their fist into other people's face without caring
about their own safety and drunkenly wobbling around the room makes you
much harder opponent to predict. Amount of alcohol drank doesn't really
matter just as long as you have sip of the heavenly drink every now and
then. Being totally shitfaced will still have negative effect on you if you
can't even see your opponent.
Effects: Drinking alcohol increases your unarmed damage. Requires tavern
Escaped mental patient:
Cost: 1
Infecti psionicists started in a mental hospital somewhere in the central
areas of the valley. All of the patients escaped during a riot in which all
personal were brutally slaughtered by the insane mindbenders. You are one
the original escapees and thus you display much stronger psionic powers
than many other psionicists.
Effects: Increases psi strength.  
Cost: 2
Town and villages are hunting grounds for different kinds of undeads and
hostile elements. Certain city folk specialize in dealing with these
threats and wander the countryside destroying menacing unlife.
Effects: Increases melee damage against undeads and elementals.  
Graceful sniper:
Cost: 2
Few archers trained by the rangers are extremely dedicated to their art.
These archers are extremely graceful in their every move and don't make a
single unnecessary movement while shooting their bows, making it almost
effortless for them to hail dozens of arrows at their foes.
Effects: Allows some times to shoot without any ep cost.  
Hedge knight:
Cost: 1
Hedge knights are masterless riders who offer their services as mercenary
for anyone who has enough money or seek their own future. Many of the hedge
knights are former members of Vaerlon's cavalry or templars.
Effects: Increases your melee damage while riding. 
Insider's knowledge:
Cost: 1
City dwellers aren't usually very familiar with their neighbours or are
totally strangers to each other. Business contacts on the other hand are
often more tighter than blood ties and are maintained with care. Such close
business knowledge allows these people to profit much more while selling
Effects: You gain more money when selling items. 
Knight in shining armour:
Cost: 2
Vaerlon boasts two different kinds of knights. Templar knights and infantry
and cavalry of Vaerlon. Both of these groups are the shining beacon of hope
in the kingdom and many are deeply touched when they see them riding past
in their gleaming plate armour. Some of these knights are masters in
wearing and using their plate fortresses and are able to gain more
protection from them.
Effects: Medium and heavy armours improve your natural armor.
License to carry:
Cost: 1
Cities and towns frown on people who openly carry weapons. Still they
recognize the need for some weapons within the city borders. Some
outstanding individuals have been granted with a license to carry weapons
that is recognized by all the cities and villages in the valley. These
people are usually the peace keepers in their communities and viewed highly
by everyone.
Effects: Guards will not disarm you.
Lightning riposte:
Cost: 2
Civilized fencing schools pride themselves in their own dueling styles and
stances. Some of those dueling styles and stances are shared in common, not
being a secret technique. One of those techniques is referred to as
'lightning riposte'. It follows a principle that each move in melee should
end up giving some manner of edge over your opponent. A lightning riposte
is a parry so sudden and masterful that it leaves your opponent wide open
for a come back maneuver. The mere existence of such a last minute gambit
is one of the reasons dueling has become a spectacular blood sport among
the nobility - it keeps the duels interesting when one move can turn around
the entire flow and make underdogs sudden winners.
Effects: Successfully parrying hits can give you combat momentums.
Liquid bread:
Cost: 1
Beer and other alcoholic beverages are the favourite escape method from
reality for the city dwellers. This liquid bread is consumed in vast
amounts in the cities and bring joy to every working man's face after a
hard day of work and allows them to relax more
Effects: Drinking alcohol gives you a regen boost.  
Magnetic personality:
Cost: 3
Some people have certain mysterious charming charisma. These people are
natural born leaders and people flock to them due to their magnetic
personality. When they are leading people they make the efforts much more
enjoyable and improve the whole experience.
Effects: Party you lead gains more experience.  
Cost: 2
Mages of Valkor are the best manipulators of elemental mana in the valley.
They aren't constrained by the silly notions of the priesthoods anymore and
bend the elemental energies to their will. This has made them very
effective at harnessing and using the mana and have taught many others to
do the same.
Effects: Allows you to some times finish your spells instantly. 
Militia javelineer:
Cost: 2
City-state of Atherton has a specialized militia force. Spears and javelins
are specially treated weapons in there due to their huge hunting efforts
and the priesthood of Fire who brandish a burning lance as their symbols.
Thus even the militia has been trained to use them well in combat,
especially as a throwing weapon. They can lob numerous javelins with ease
compared to other people, making them an extremely effective and deadly
addition to the city-state's army.
Effects: Allows you to some times throw without ep cost. 
Noble family:
Cost: 1
Nobility rules the cities and some towns and it is very hard for common
folks to gain any real power in the cities, unless they are leaders of the
military powers or very wealthy merchants. While many nobles have actually
done deeds and earned their noble surnames, many of their offspring and
other related family are nothing more than lazy slobs who take advantage of
their noble name and use it as their own.
Effects: You can take surnames without completing the requirements and
their cost is lowered. 
Pitch-fork militia:
Cost: 2
Militia is the backbone of Vaerlon's army and also for many other smaller
communities. While Vaerlon wields a massive infantry and cavalry it still
pales in comparison to the size of its militia. Practically all citizens
can be rolled into the militia when needed, using the weapons they have at
hand, which often are farming tools such as pitch-fork. This horde might
not be well-armed but they make it up in numbers.
Effects: Increases melee damage with spears, pitch forks and manure forks. 
Pride of the god squad:
Cost: 1
Preaching is the tool for priesthood to educate the masses about their
decree. Certain devouted laymen are extremely skilled at preaching and have
some mysterious power behind their words that can touch even the strongest
Effects: Improves your preaching and praying. Requires devouted layman.  
Rabble rouser:
Cost: 1
Riots and angry rabble are fairly common in larger cities. There is usually
few instigator rouse the rabble in to action. These people are extremely
cunning and take all effort to keep the motion going as long as possible by
taking advantage of their oppressors. Their inspiring action against the
ruling powers make even the calmest citizen to take arms and raise against
the city guard.
Effects: Using momentums some times gives momentums to your party members.

Cost: 2
It is fairly easy for archers and hunters to sit tight in a bush and slowly
reload and aim their bow at enemies or prey but in the middle of combat it
is totally different situation. Ranger masters have trained some very good
snipers to be extremely fast in reloading their ranged weapon to allow them
take down multiple foes rapidly in combat.
Effects: Allows you to reload your ranged weapons some times instantly and
without ep cost. Requires graceful sniper. 
Shock troops:
Cost: 2
Shock troops of Vaerlon's are literally shocking as they wield magical
weaponry imbued with different kind of magicks to obliterate any opposing
force in a blink of an eye. They are particularly skilled in harnessing the
infused magic in items.
Effects: Infusions are more effective. 
Skilled spellsword:
Cost: 1
Spellswords are fighters trained by the mages to serve as their bodyguards.
These fighters excel in both melee combat and arcane arts and are trained
to take advantage of equipment that improve their magical abilities.
Effects: Hitting in combat briefly improves your thaumaturgy. 
Street fighter:
Cost: 2
You have spent your whole life fighting in the streets. As a kid you used
to beat the shit out of the local lads and in your youth you used to be
king of the street. As an adult you have honed your skill to utmost
perfection and can use the urban landscape to your advantage.
Effects: Improves your momentum chance while fighting in cities, villages
and towns. 
Sword dancer:
Cost: 2 
Sword dancers are fighters trained by the master ranger bladesingers. Their
movements in combat are a sight to behold as they gracefully glide through
the battlefield taking advantage of every opportunity to slay their foes
that they can take. Their dance-like movement in combat is so effortless
that they barely even notice any strain while doing so.
Effects: Allows some times to use momentums without ep cost. 
Tavern bruiser:
Cost: 2
Working as a tavern bruiser requires you to be able to take part in fist
fights and break them when needed. Smashing drunken skulls together has
given you a certain insight into how to hurt people the most with your bare
Effects: Increases natural weapon damage. 
Unscrupulous opportunist:
Cost: 1
Your view on life is very opportunistic and you take advantage of all
possible opportunies you have. You have learned through this how to use
special powers of weapons, armours and magical effects in best possible way
and more often than other people.
Effects: Prowess is more effective for you .