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Halflings resembles small humans, being slightly under one meter tall. Usually they have dark brown or hazel curly hair, and quite hairy hands and feet. They live in small or slightly bigger villages which also resemble human villages, but there are both underground burrows and overground cottages and combinations of the both. Halflings like to live in peace, eat plenty of food and smoke some good tobacco in their pipes. Few halflings take up adventuring, but those that do often become known as resourceful and loyal people.


Strength       6     
Dexterity      3
Constitution   6 
Intelligence   6     
Wisdom         5  
Charisma       6   
Size           Somewhat Small


 Spell point regen        good 
 Endurance point regen    intermediate
 Hit point regen          average

Other Stats:

 Heartbeat rate           average
 Experience gain rate     exceptional (97%)
 Ability to see in light  average
 Ability to see in dark   intermediate

Special Abilities:

They have a lifespan of approximately 90 years. 


2 finger slots
1 amulet slots
2 hand slots
1 torso slots
1 head slots
2 arm slots
2 foot slots
1 miscellaneous slots
2 ear slots
2 leg slots
1 neck slots
1 belt slots
1 cloak slots
1 clothes slots.

Racial Guilds:

Civilized city dwellers,Little people's league