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The Avans are peculiar, rarely seen creatures that live far in the northern reaches of the valley. They can usually be seen flying in the morning breeze, dancing around mountain tops in the unseen currents. It is said that seeing them dance is the most beautiful sight one can see.

The avan's body is strangely structured, it consists of four limbs, connected to the trunk that is the main body. The head is small and child-like. What is so peculiar about them that their bodies are almost see-through, almost completely transparent, only their silvery skeletal structures are in view, their flesh and organs being quite translucent. Their hues vary from clear red to yellow and pale blue, with few golden ones and purple avan's around. The colour of their translucent body usually presents their rank in the avan society, the golden ones being the leaders. For any observer, the first sight of a flying skeleton, surrounded by haze-like body that emits it's own pale light is a strange and peculiar happening indeed, but once the dance starts, they would give anything for it never to stop.


Strength       8     
Dexterity      4
Constitution   8
Intelligence   6     
Wisdom         3  
Charisma       3   
Size           small


 Endurance point regen    mediocre
 Hit point regen          considerable
 Spell point regen        good

Other Stats:

 Experience gain rate     exceptional (97%)
 Ability to see in light  average  
 Heartbeat rate           very fast
 Ability to see in dark   intermediate

Special Abilities:

Charming Dance
moderate natural resistance against cold damage.
moderate natural resistance against lightning damage.
moderate natural resistance against acid damage.
moderate natural resistance against fire damage.
insignificant natural vulnerability against physical damage.
They have a lifespan of approximately 25 years.


4 arm slots
1 neck slots 
4 finger slots
1 amulet slots
1 head slots
2 belt slots
4 ear slots
1 miscellaneous slots.

Racial Guilds: Little people's league