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Snakemen, as the name implies, are humanoid creatures with the appearance of a cross between humans and giant snakes. They are slightly over one meter tall, with scales covering most of their bodies. The scales grow especially thick along their arms. They have burning, yellow-orange eyes with a narrow pupil, and two long fangs protruding from their mouth. Their whole head is slightly flat and lack a visible nose, although they do have nostrils. The scales covering their delicate bodies does not offer much actual protection, and they get injured easily. Snakeman originally lives in long, dark warrens under the ground, but now also build overground buildings. Their buildings imitate the warrens of past, with long and narrow tunnels, or then they build high and narrow towers. They live in loose communities, wanting private space. They are convinced their race is superior to others and are very proud, and often are convinced of their own superiority over others of the same race too. If some outside force threatens one of them, though, they might join forces and ruthlessly destroy the threat, using their great cunning and knowledge of the magic arts.


Strength       8
Dexterity      5
Constitution   7 
Intelligence   3     
Wisdom         3  
Charisma       7   
Size           Small


 Spell point regen        superb
 Endurance point regen    average
 Hit point regen          mediocre

Other Stats:

 Heartbeat rate           fast
 Experience gain rate     good (87%)
 Ability to see in light  average
 Ability to see in dark   useful

Special Abilities:

Useful natural resistance against poison damage.
They have a lifespan of approximately 75 years. 


2 finger slots
1 amulet slots
2 hand slots
1 torso slots
1 head slots
2 arm slots
2 foot slots
1 miscellaneous slots
2 ear slots
2 leg slots
1 neck slots
1 belt slots
1 cloak slots
1 clothes slots.

Racial Guilds:

Little people's league