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B'roghs are the biggest race in Icesus. They are tall and slim humanoid giants, who can become up to five meters tall. Their skin is an ochre or orange colour, which is the result of living in the hot deserts of Aegic. They have sharp, angled features with a flat nose and pointed ears. B'roghs have no beard and are often bald on the top of their head, but they let the hair growing from the back of their head grow to waist-length. B'roghs nowadays live in villages of simple huts on the plains in Icesus, preferably near one of the volcanoes or in another similar warm spot.

The b'rogh society is strictly clannish, with an intricate system of rulership passed from one clan to another in a cycle. No outsider has ever been able to research this system closer. Apart from their clans, b'rogh are somewhat simpleminded and have a singletracked mentality, but are much feared as warriors. They tend to keep to themselves and not join in other races' wars, unless forced to by the circumstances.


Strength       3     
Dexterity      8
Constitution   3 
Intelligence   7     
Wisdom         8  
Charisma       8   
Size           Huge


Endurance point regen    moderate
Hit point regen          exceptional
Spell point regen        basic

Other Stats:

Experience gain rate     exceptional (95%)
Ability to see in light  average
Heartbeat rate           very slow
Ability to see in dark   average

Special Ablilities:

Giant weaponry:  It increases attack speed with all weapons larger than 1m
Fist slam:       As a B'rogh, you can smash your opponents with dreadful effects, sometimes your opponent gets stunned from the force of the strike.
They have a lifespan of approximately 60 years.


2 leg slots
2 arm slots
1 torso slots 
1 head slots
2 foot slots
1 belt slots
1 cloak slots
2 ear slots 
1 clothes slots
1 neck slots
2 finger slots
2 hand slots
1 amulet slots
1 miscellaneous slots.

Racial Guilds:

Nomads of the wild